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What are the symptoms of Maxus wheel hub bearing failure

What are the symptoms of Maxus wheel hub bearing failure

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What are the symptoms of Maxus wheel hub bearing failure

Symptoms of a broken Maxus wheel hub bearing are as follows:

1. The wheels of the Maxus car shake when it runs, and the vibration of the whole car intensifies.

2. There will be abnormal noise.

3. The rolling is not smooth, resulting in a decline in power.

Judgment method for broken Maxus wheel bearings:

1. Open the Maxus window and listen to whether the sound is coming from outside the car.

2. After increasing the vehicle speed (when the humming sound is louder), put the gear in neutral and let the vehicle coast, and observe whether the noise comes from the engine. If the humming sound does not change when coasting in neutral, it is likely that there is a problem with the wheel bearing.

3. Stop temporarily, get off and check whether the temperature of the axle is normal. The method is: to touch the four-wheel hubs with your hands, and roughly feel whether their temperatures are consistent. If you feel that there is little difference, you can continue to drive slowly to the maintenance station.

4. Use a lift to raise the car (release the handbrake and put it in neutral before). If there is no lift, you can use a jack to lift the wheels one by one. Manually rotate the four wheels quickly. When encountering a problematic axle, it will make a sound, It is completely different from other axles, and it is easy to tell which axle has a problem with this method.

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