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The working principle of the Maxus drum brake

The working principle of the Maxus drum brake

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The working principle of the Maxus drum brake

The working principle of the Maxus drum brake: when braking, by stepping on the pedal and using the lever principle, the force of the push rod is applied to the Maxus brake master cylinder, and the pressure of the Maxus brake fluid is amplified to push the brake cylinder (wheel Cylinder), the pistons at both ends of the brake cylinder will push the hoof ends of the left and right brake shoes with equal force at the same time, and the other ends of the two brake shoes are supported by the support rod (ratchet or pawl). At this time, the two brake shoes expand outwards and fit with the inner surface of the brake drum to form a friction force, to achieve the purpose of braking. Since the Maxus wheel is a rotating brake drum, the left and right pressure acting on the automatic lift are asymmetrical, resulting in self-increasing and self-reducing effects. The friction torque of the boosted brake shoe is 2-2.5 times that of the reduced force brake shoe, which causes the wear degree of the two brake shoes to be different.

In the process of braking, the gap between the brake shoe and the brake drum will become larger due to wear and tear. To improve the braking effect, it needs to be adjusted. In the past, it was manually adjusted, and the clearance value between the brake shoe and the brake drum was measured with a feeler gauge. Some of the current trucks still need to be manually adjusted, while cars adjust the base clearance automatically. When the clearance increases and the brake shoe pushes out beyond a certain range, the clearance adjustment mechanism will pull the adjustment lever (pawl) To the position where the next tooth pitch of the adjustment tooth is engaged, thereby increasing the length of the connecting rod, the brake shoe returns to its original position, and the braking force disappears.
It should be noted that when the brake shoe wears down to 0.8mm of the rivet if the bonded brake shoe wears only 1.6mm, the brake shoe should be replaced.

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