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In-depth understanding of automobile cylinder head: function and structure

In-depth understanding of automobile cylinder head: function and structure

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In-depth understanding of automobile cylinder head: function and structure

The cylinder head of a car engine is a vital component of the engine and performs many important functions. This article will introduce in detail the function, structure and maintenance methods of the car cylinder head to help readers better understand and maintain the vehicle's engine system.

cylinder head

Cylinder head function

The cylinder head is the cover on the top of the engine cylinder. It has the following important functions:

Sealed cylinder: The cylinder head seals the cylinder and ensures that the compressed gas does not leak. It forms a seal by tightly fitting the cylinder wall, preventing leakage of the compressed air and fuel mixture within the cylinder.

Accommodating the valves and valve train: There are valve holes and valve seats inside the cylinder head to accommodate the intake and exhaust valves and related valve trains. They control the flow of gas in and out of the cylinder and cooperate with the rotation of the crankshaft to achieve proper intake, fuel injection, ignition and exhaust timing.

Cooling: There are cooling channels inside the cylinder head. The coolant enters these channels and cools the engine through circulation to control the temperature and prevent overheating.

Cylinder head structure

The cylinder head usually consists of the following main parts:

Cylinder Head: The cylinder head is a cast iron or aluminum cover that sits on top of the cylinder head and is bolted to the engine block. It seals the cylinder and houses the valves and valve train.

Valves and valve guides: There are intake and exhaust valves in the cylinder head, which are connected to the cylinder through valve guides. The valve is responsible for controlling the flow of gas in and out of the cylinder.

Valve springs and camshaft: The camshaft controls the opening and closing of the valve through the valve stem, valve spring and other related parts. Their cooperation allows the valve to open and close at the appropriate time.

Combustion Chamber: The area located at the top of the cylinder head that accommodates the compression and ignition of the intake air mixture.


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