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2023 SAIC MAXUS G10 launched

Recently, the 2023 SAIC MAXUS MAXUS G10, a new car of SAIC MAXUS, was officially launched. The new car offers two models to choose from, priced at 117,800-143,800 RMB. The appearance of the new car is slightly modified, and the interior can be equipped with a 12.3-inch suspended central control screen. In terms of the power unit, the new car is equipped with a 2.0L self-priming gasoline engine and a 2.0T diesel engine, which are matched with a 5-speed manual and a 6-speed manual transmission respectively.

New Chase D90 Pro launched

As a facelifted model, the new Chase D90 Pro has not changed much in terms of appearance, but even so, its domineering and toughness can still touch the aesthetic points of current consumers. From the following data map, we can see that the front face of the new Chase D90 Pro uses a polygonal blackened air intake grille, with sharp headlights on both sides, which creates a lot of visual impacts. Impact and the fierce and aggressive front surround is added with red chrome decoration, so it creates a strong sports.

Can BYD f3 bear long-distance bus

BYD f3 has inherited the stable tradition of BYD body chassis. However, due to the lack of advanced engine technology, the power performance and noise control of high-speed driving are weak, but the vehicle body stability and quality stability are good.

MG ONE-β Listed in the Chinese Market

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What problems should be paid attention to when cleaning the original quality radiator for BYD

When cleaning the original quality radiator for BYD, try not to wash it directly with water. As a heat-dissipating component, the material of the car heat sink is soft. When it is directly washed with water, it is easy to be damaged or deformed, especially the impact force of the high-pressure water gun, and it is difficult to completely clean it by direct washing with water.

BYD F3 fuel consumption 5 liters per 100 kilometers

BYD F3 has more prominent advantages among the three models. The overall size of the model is larger, the space is more spacious, and the power of the 1.5-liter naturally aspirated engine is stronger, so the comprehensive competitiveness and advantages of BYD F3 can be Meet the car needs of young people.

SAIC's first "global car"MG EH32 officially rolled off the production line

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BYD F0 "successor" exposed!

BYD F0 "successor" exposed!The battery life is 420km + rear-wheel drive system, and the pre-sale price may start from 68,800RMB!

BYD enters Danish stores

Chinese EV automaker, BYD has continued its recent expansion efforts into Europe and the global market. The company recently announced its entry into Denmark where it appointed Nic.

SAIC MAXUS sold 81,012 units in the first half against the trend

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China Exported 300,000 VehiclesUp 65% From 2021

According to previous estimates, China’s annual vehicle export volume in 2022 will be close to 3 million. As China’s auto export volume continues to rise along with vehicle electrification accelerating in other parts of the world, let’s watch how will China seize this opportunity to overtake the lead in vehicle export.

Chery Group sold 141767 vehicles in Agust

Chery Arrizo 8 is the latest model of Chery Group
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