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What if the steering gear is broken

What if the steering gear is broken

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What if the steering gear is broken

The symptoms of a broken Maxus car steering gear are as follows:
1. It is difficult to return the Maxus steering wheel: the steering wheel of Maxus vehicles has the function of automatic return of steering. For cars equipped with hydraulic power steering, the function of automatic return is weakened due to the effect of hydraulic damping. However, if the return speed is too high Slow, indicating that the return function is faulty.
2. Steering wobble or deviation: When the Maxus car is obviously running off course, after the Maxus car tire pressure problem is ruled out, it is likely to be caused by a mechanical part of the Maxus steering machine is loose or broken.
3. Maxus steering wheel is heavy on one side and light on the other: Maxus car owners feel that one side of the steering wheel is brisk while the other half is heavy. This symptom is usually caused by the leakage of the seal responsible for sealing the high-pressure cavity on one side. It may be due to improper adjustment of the limit valve in this direction.
4. Maxus steering gear oil leakage: steering gear oil leakage is a relatively obvious symptom. When abnormal steering is found, check whether there is oil leakage or oil leakage on the steering gear, which is related to the aging of the steering gear seal ring or oil pipe.

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