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BYD debuts at Paris Motor Show with three electric models

BYD debuts at Paris Motor Show with three electric models

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BYD debuts at Paris Motor Show with three electric models

On October 17, BYD brought three electric models of Tang, Han and Yuan PLUS (the local model name is BYD ATTO 3) to the Paris Auto Show, shining on the world stage.

Shu Youxing, general manager of BYD's International Cooperation Division and European Automobile Sales Division, said: "We are very excited to present the latest technologies and products of BYD's new energy passenger vehicles to European consumers. With excellent design, advanced technology and high-quality Service, BYD will live up to the expectations of European consumers. We highly respect the European auto industry and its industry ecology, and are willing to work with local excellent dealer partners to provide European consumers with high-quality new energy products and services, and build a green dream together ."

BYD's global strategic partner Shell participated in the conference. The two parties jointly announced that they will provide BYD European car owners with a better charging experience, including opening the right to use about 300,000 Shell charging piles in Europe.

István Kapitány, Executive Vice President of Shell's Global Retail Business, said: "We are very pleased to cooperate with BYD, a new energy vehicle manufacturer. The two parties will provide users in Europe and the world with a more convenient, safe and comfortable charging experience. It's a win-win result."

Adhering to the concept of win-win cooperation, BYD has reached strategic cooperation with a number of high-quality dealers in Europe to provide local consumers with one-stop services such as sales and after-sales of new energy vehicles that are favored by the market.

After 27 years of sticking to the green dream, BYD has fully mastered the core technologies of the entire industry chain such as batteries, motors, electronic controls and automotive-grade chips, and has become an enterprise that provides overall solutions for new energy. At present, BYD's new energy vehicle footprint covers more than 70 countries and regions around the world, more than 400 cities, and has served more than 2.6 million car owners. It has been the champion of China's new energy passenger vehicle sales for nine consecutive years.

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