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BYD: officially entered the Indian passenger car market

BYD: officially entered the Indian passenger car market

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BYD: officially entered the Indian passenger car market

On October 11, BYD held a brand conference in New Delhi, India, announcing its official entry into the Indian passenger car market, and released its first model, Yuan PLUS (ATTO 3 overseas).

In the 15 years since the establishment of the branch in 2007, BYD has invested more than 200 million US dollars in the local area, built two factories with a total area of ​​more than 140,000 square kilometers, and gradually launched solar panels, battery energy storage, electric buses, Electric trucks, electric forklifts, etc. At present, BYD has introduced the core technology of electric vehicles into the local area and served its public transportation system, B2B pure electric passenger vehicles and other fields, creating the largest pure electric bus fleet in India, and its pure electric bus footprint has covered Bangalore, Rajkot, New Delhi, Hyderabad, Goa, Cochin and many other cities.

Liu Xueliang, general manager of BYD's Asia-Pacific Automobile Sales Department, said: "BYD embraces new energy and gradually builds a green and low-carbon business model around the world, of which India is an important layout. We will join hands with local excellent partners to continue to deepen the market and jointly promote green development. Innovation."

Zhang Jie, general manager of BYD India Branch, said: "BYD hopes to bring industry-leading technology and high-quality products to the Indian market to boost the development of India's new energy vehicle industry. The launch of Yuan PLUS (car buying season) has injected an injection into the Indian SUV segment. With new vitality, in 2023, BYD plans to sell 15,000 yuan PLUS in India, and plans to establish a new production base."

So far, BYD has established 24 dealer showrooms in 21 cities in India, and plans to reach 53 by 2023. In addition, BYD will also participate in the 2023 New Delhi International Auto Show to present more abundant products and technologies, steadily implement the initiative of "cooling the earth by 1°C", and practice "using technological innovation to meet people's yearning for a better life" ” brand mission to help India’s sustainable development and green and low-carbon transformation.

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