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What does the steering knuckle do

What does the steering knuckle do

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What does the steering knuckle do

Steering knuckle is an important part of car steering, which can make the car run stably and transmit the driving direction sensitively.steering knuckleThe function of the steering knuckle is to transmit and bear the front load support of the car and drive the front wheel to rotate around the king pin to turn the car. In the driving state of the car, it bears variable impact loads, so it is required to have high strength.

steering knuckle

The steering knuckle is the hinge of the wheel, generally in the shape of a fork. The upper and lower forks have two coaxial holes for installing the kingpin, and the steering knuckle journal is used to install the wheel. The two ears of the pin hole on the knuckle are connected with the fist-shaped parts at both ends of the front axle through the king pin, so that the front wheel can deflect a certain angle around the king pin to turn the car. In order to reduce wear, a bronze bushing is pressed into the pin hole of the steering knuckle, and the lubrication on the bushing is lubricated by injecting grease with the grease nipple installed on the steering knuckle. Equipped with bearings. There is also an adjusting shim between the upper and lower parts of the steering knuckle and the fist-shaped part to adjust the gap there between.

In order to ensure the stability of the car running in a straight line, the lightness of the steering knuckle and the reduction of wear between the tire and the parts, the steering wheel knuckle and the front axle must maintain a certain relative position with the frame, which has a certain relative position. The installation of the position is called steering wheel alignment, also known as front wheel alignment. The correct front wheel positioning should be done: the car can run stably in a straight line without swinging, the force on the steering wheel is not large when turning, the steering wheel can automatically return to the front after turning, and the tires and the ground do not slip to reduce fuel consumption and extend tire life.


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