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The 2nd Parts of Maxus V80 Parts Codes

The 2nd Parts of Maxus V80 Parts Codes

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The 2nd Parts of Maxus V80 Parts Codes

Because of limited room of last article, here MotorTec show you the 2nd list of Maxus parts OE codes list as below. 

MotorTec is full range Maxus parts wholesaler and exporter from China (check home page of to see our portfolio), you are welcome to contact us if you have any inquiry on Maxus auto spare parts.

C00003481 C00012345 15290 C00001636 C00001104 SYB 15693
C00013510 C00002346 15238 C00001634 C00002886 SWMBL C00002284
15089 C00002345 C00104746-A00 C00001636 C00002885 RFDSFSSAFSF C00002265
C00049939 C00002445 C00000003 C00001634 C00002883 BVBVBSWESA YQGSZJ
C00023051 C00002345 15547 C00002451 C00033501 C0000006 15169
C00003101 C00002593 C00000004 C00002446 C00004662 C00001975 15239
C00083653 15050 15125 C00033160 16806 C00071231 C00014635
C00003652 15171 C00023749 16032 15107 C00001192 16046
C00002560 C00006132-D00 C00006455 C00013619 15104 8.95452E+11 C00001235
C00002561 C00002857 C00023749 C00001632 15108 C00008687XKH 15926
C00002518 C00002858 C00006456 C00024957-D003 15109 8.95452E+13 S00008798
C00025014 15712 C00023749 C00013632 C00071310 8.95421E+13 C0003085
C00001264 C00004827 C00074877 C00000073 C00003100 FSDFCXVXCVB C00006622
C00023694 C00004828 CA-141 C00001126 7508分体式 15588 YHCWGDBL-V80
C00000098 15128 C00017160 C00001364 C00023051 C00008722XKH C00000054
C00000113 15130 C00017328 C00001365 C00017215 C00049561 15117
C00002592 15129 C00037525 C00002423 16100 C00049493 C00006588
C00034518 C00014612 C00031783 14954 16101 16632 C00006599
C00034519 C00000029 C00031784 C00013622 QMBLDG 16633 16123
C00002354 DHSXDYS HGFJDJ C00059668 QMBLNC 15668 15660
C00001305-410 C00016243 C00002907 C0001660F C00002285 15667 C00013569
C00002081 C00001130 15522 C00004824 C00002286 C00097978 C00013570
C00001352 DFSAD 15135 C00002561 15114 C00008365 15696
C00001492 C000030832 15136 C00004824 15115 C00043318 C00001552
C00001235 C00002690 15127 C00002610 C00001352 C0000342 15556
C00013569 C00086129 C00049493 C00032832 C00001351 C00002510 S00009743
C00006588 C00086128 C00049561 2.31878E+11 C00030867 C00032588 ZYB-DT
C00000053 C00028646 C00064578 C00043261 DTV80QMKL C00002337 C00002046
C00002271 FADASDS 15131 C00001302 C00001305-410 C00054325 ZKTJZJ
C00000110 C0008709 15132 C00001371 C00004059-410 C00006536 C00040144X
C00034175 15747 15123 C00002560 C00006680-410 C00006862 C00014687
C00037525 C00001264 15133 1004100RAA DSADSASDA C00002428 1021013RAA
C00003095 C00006481 15134 15544 SADASDA C00038053 C00014685
C00025014 15061 15124 C00014714 C00049840 C00038054 5300456100
C00002564 15062 C00020183 C00000180 16048 C00002427 C00014686
C00003101 15063 C00003248 C00000111 15646 C00002430 14985
SDS C00001531 C00033799 C00003248 15645 C00005118-410 15541
C00024503 C00001525 16371 C00002129 C00002140 C00005118-4100 C00002533
C00000669 15499 DU559055XD C00000048. C00002141 C00045545-4100 15636
C00000673 15193 16625 C00000048-2 15210 C00005442 15118
C00012317 16075 16626 C00030844 15211 C00013622 15119
C00000728 S00001223 C00032474 15263 C0002278 C00024219 15120
C00000729-A000 C00014658 C00097987 15213 C0002279 DFSADAS 15121
C00016199 S00001222 C00060889-F00 C00013506 C00001715 CDBJV80R C00027675
C00041949 C00001524 C00026002 15060 C00001716 ZCW78B-ZC-78 16083
S00012815Z C00001223 C00001758 C00002520 QMTTJBZC YCWSB C00002324
C00035108 C00015303 C00003228 C00104341 C00006120 ZCWSBZC C00005743
C00062047 S00008746 C00003228 15142 C00002271 ZCWS453BZC-JH C00028339
C00062048 C00015460 C00003230 15144 DASDSAFDFD DASDAS TBZJ
AQDCZ C00057211 15089 15141 C00003330 C00004556 C00007506
C00000527 C00002354 DT00005580 15110 15113 C00002518 C00007505
C00045183 C00015460 C00013526 15140 15112 C00013504 16615
C00003326 C00002354 15363 15143 C00013617 C000135668 16617
15557 C00003481 C00013522 15161 C00005604 C00001529 ZMKZC
16643 15078 C00013523 C00008079 C00003517 C00010934 C00026881
16644 15079 C00000637 C00023546 C00003518 C00040233 C00000644

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