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MotorTec Auto Parts Releases The Latest Catalogue of Maxus V80&LDV

MotorTec Auto Parts Releases The Latest Catalogue of Maxus V80&LDV

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MotorTec Auto Parts Releases The Latest Catalogue of Maxus V80&LDV


The 1st generation of Maxus V80 started from Dec., 2017. After 4 years developing, MotorTec auto parts could provide customers full range of parts soultion for this car, both China market and oversea markets. 
The latest catalogue of Maxus V80 has been released in its official website The catalogue includes more than 700 parts, below pls find its information, and you are welcome to down load it from our catalouge center. 



MotorTec auto parts is one of professional auto parts wholesaler and exporter from China. Besides V80 auto parts, MotorTec is able to supply other models from SAIC Maxus, including below models:

Light Bus: V80/V90/V100/H90/EV90
SUV: D60/EUNIQ 6/D90 PRO/D90
MPV: EUNIQ 5/EUNIQ 7/G10/G20/G50/EG10/MIFA 9/RG10
Minvan: EV30
Pickup: T60/T70/T90

If you have any inquiry on Maxus auto spare parts, you are welcome to contact us by below link:


C00000011V 16796 15073 15151 15149 C000003519 16637 C00015979
C000012120 16730 15074 C00018133 C00001492 C00005576 C00027740 C00027665
C00034588 C00002572 15159 15173 C00050602 15362 C00053197 15018
S00001291+01 C00036399 C00037389 C00014713(&92
C00034519 WDGCTDT C00001975 C000004300-410
S00000628 C00003028/C000 02573 C00002136 C00014714($94+ 0.00) 15242 15644 WMJLXJD C00028803
C00013997CC C00057048 94338051-P C00034264 C00001257 15643 C000277399 28801
C00002572 C00058895 15652 C00014631 16913 C00002081 C00071231 15354
C000135668 C00003028/C000 02573 16560 16045 16903 C00002080 C00059790 ZMSK-V80
C00013504 15695 C00030026 C1000005 C00024577 C00000119 C00056956 C00089073
C00013506 C00122254 C00015282 C00014632 C00013575 C00000120 C00002523 C00001717
C0001529 16623 C00014578 C00014651 C00013578 15970 C00006665 C000034282
C00001302/C000 43261 BTJGG C00012636 C00030857 S00019474+05 16561 C00002511 C00023759
C00028289 C00006509 C00014598 C00001139 C00014627 16562 16928 C00002313
C00006481 C00057857 C00049939 C00000042 C00014614 S00006450 C00001891 C00004632-410
C00014611 C00027903 C00024702 C00000041 C00010005 C00014682 C00030711 C00045187
C00000001 C00013997CC C00017088 C00010205 C00023912 1002058RAA C00039422 ZMZGZGZ
C00001103 C00001657CC C00013615 C00126342-4 15266 S00001217 15170 C00045187.
C00002423 16343 6PK1956 C00123938-4 16049 C00033950 C00003319 16801
C00002428 C00018368 C00051435 14997 C00014662 16043 15259 16802
C00028801 C00018365 C00016540 JWQV80 15561 SFAEFCXVWS C00002413 C00026295
C00033188 C00010934 C00002406 15278 15560 C00047271 C00003652 C00026294
C00045187 16628 15267 C00001266 C00000046 C00041228 C00083653 C00003555Z
C00002285 C00038469 SDASDS DSADA C00005698F C00029977 C00002916 C00002311
15278 C00038469 1002000RAA C00001256 QMSGDTV80 C00015240 C00003661 C00033188
C00001266 C00038107 1003000RAA S00001039 C00014554 C00000050 15264 15813
C00045128 C00036166 C00035627 15651 C00014530 C00013541 15649 ZWB-DTV80YB
C000000051 C00002943 1110010028 C00013619 C00035655 C00013547 C00003652 C00000113
C00014564 15158 15214 C00002570 C00000098 15153 15160 C00103708
C00023912 15931 C00069857(1605 0) C00041651 C00034506 15152 C00004462 C00103709
C00014578 ZXSDD C00045128 C00006107 C00109217 15154 C00004458 C00034511
14997 ASDASD 15604 C00005612 C00004463 15258 C00004462JQB C00045482
C00014631 C00084569 15049 C00005619 15361 C00002412 YZBLJB C00002094
S00017016 C000315642 C00062607 C00005618 C00109219 C000135522 SDASD 16952
C00035627 C00004225 C00013512 C00005571 C00007546 C000135523 C00004462 15157
C00015303 15218 C00013510 C00005572 C00000099 C00013524L ASADASDA C00023693
C00002406 15189 C00013511 C00006389 C00000101 C00013525R C000125545 C00023694
1002058RAA 15219 C00002000 C00006412 C00006777 C01255556 C00055602 C00023693
C00014687 C00000001 C00000108 C00006106 C00000129 16622 DSASAD C00023694
5300456100 C00090521/C000 00001 C00000110 C00006107 C00000124 15150 C00033420 C000000051
C00002524 C00000002 C00005075 15691 DSADSADA 15260 C00025067 C00065541
C00004662 C00090522 C00002934 15442 QDHBV80 C00041912 C00002097 ASDASDAS
C00002886 16629 15138 C00103470 C00104089 C00041913 C00055240 C00000053
C00013527 15276 15139 KTYLKG C00001103 C00050578 15203 15116
C00003518 C00002592 15172 15694 C00104090 C00013536 15204 C00016218



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