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Chevrolet EQUINOX EV in two powered versions

Chevrolet EQUINOX EV in two powered versions

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Chevrolet EQUINOX EV in two powered versions

Recently, Chevrolet officially announced the overseas EQUINOX EV (Equinox EV model, not the domestic explorer pure electric version of the model) more information. It is reported that the new car is based on the universal Otter pure level platform, and offers single motor and dual motor all-wheel-drive models, with the longest range of 483km. The new car will also have a lower price range than the Trailblazer EV, starting at around $30,000, and will be available overseas by the end of 2023.

In terms of appearance, the whole new car adopts a closed front grille design and is equipped with a through-running light set, with a large air inlet below, so that this car in improving the visual level sense, but also has a high degree of identification. In addition, the new car in the front hatch adds several lines to create a sense of power.

From the side of the body, the new car is designed with multiple waistlines and hidden door handles to create a good light and shadow effect. At the same time, the charging port of the vehicle is placed on the left front wing panel. In the rear, the new car also adopts the through-through taillight group, and the center is supplemented by the Chevrolet brand LOGO, which is visually outstanding.


In terms of interior decoration, the center console of the EQUINOX EV is similar to that of the Trailblazer EV, adopting a dual-screen design consisting of an 11-inch full LCD instrument and an 11-inch center control screen. However, there are obvious differences between the air conditioning outlet and the central aisle area. On the whole, the EQUINOX EV is more home oriented. The premium model will also feature steering wheel heating, dual-temperature air conditioning, electric rear doors, a sunroof, and a new 17.7-inch center screen. In addition, the new car will be equipped with a Super Cruise autopilot assistance system.

In terms of power, the new car will provide single motor and dual motor four-wheel-drive models, of which the maximum power of the single motor model is 157kW, the maximum 327N·m, and the maximum power of dual motor four-wheel drive model is 216kW, the maximum torque is 469N·m. No battery details have been given, but the standard model has a range of 402km, the long-range model has a range of 483km and the all-wheel-drive model has a range of 451km. For charging, the standard model is capable of 11.5kW, while the RS model is capable of 19.2kW. For more information about the new car, we will stay tuned.

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