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2022 twenty Auto Guangzhou & Auto Parts & accessories exhibition

2022 twenty Auto Guangzhou & Auto Parts & accessories exhibition

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2022 twenty Auto Guangzhou & Auto Parts & accessories exhibition

November 18-21,2022 venue: Guangzhou PAHOU Canton Fair Organizer: China Association of Automobile Industry, founded in 2003, is one of the most comprehensive auto shows in Auto Guangzhou in China, known as the Wind Vane of China auto market.

As an annual concluding event in the automotive industry, the Guangzhou Auto Show not only brings together auto products from home and abroad but also is an industry gathering of the entire industry chain, with participants active in every link of the industry, can be found here to highlight their vitality and strength of the stage. With the booming development of China's auto industry, the Pearl River Delta, centered in Guangzhou, has become one of the important production and distribution bases for auto parts in China, Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Volkswagen and a host of domestic and international auto parts makers have also here, thousands of auto parts and aftermarket distribution enterprises are scattered in the major core areas.

 The exhibition features come to Guangzhou Auto Show, first visit Guangzhou auto parts museum-after more than 10 years, the Guangzhou Auto Parts Exhibition and Guangzhou Auto Show are closely integrated. On the line of the exhibition, the audience will first arrive at the Auto Parts Museum, then enter the passenger car hall. The whole industry chain event, with passenger cars, electric vehicles, and other host factories jointly exhibition, more business opportunities. The exhibition area is close to the passenger car and automobile refitting exhibition area, which can endow the exhibitors with the powerful resources of the major automobile factories. A grand gathering of industry resources, enterprises, suppliers, industry scholars and experts, industry organizations, media, auto enthusiasts, and terminal owners gather together to master new industry information. Gather the professional exhibition of purchasing and R & D Department of Vehicle Factory. Set up car modification, car life, and other special features of the zone, a more comprehensive car culture experience.

Exhibits Auto parts, assemblies, and systems: engine systems, chassis systems, power battery systems, driving systems, steering systems, braking systems, body systems, cooling systems, exhaust systems, drive motors, motor controllers, automotive Electrical, automotive glass, tires, wheels, etc. Automotive manufacturing equipment, process equipment: 3D printing technology, industrial robots, automotive equipment, various automotive molds, Automobile painting industry technology, automobile design and information technology, automobile engine industry and reproduction, industrial assembly and transmission technology, etc.

Automotive lightweight materials: body lightweight materials, other materials for vehicles, material technology, lightweight material connection technology, etc. Intelligent and connected auto parts and core technologies: including vehicle intelligent hardware, vehicle body electronic control devices, intelligent vehicle equipment, vehicle electronic devices, vehicle networking-related products, car safety systems, intelligent network connection cores, etc. New energy vehicle technologies and products: vehicle bus and control systems, hydrogen fuel cells, various power batteries, and management systems, motor electronic control systems, charging devices; energy storage devices, energy management systems; vehicle optimization design, and hybrid power Wait.

IT and management: IT products, vehicle exchange, insurance, finance, leasing management, vehicle inspection, dealer management system. Gas station and car cleaning: Gas station equipment, car cleaning, and maintenance.

  1. Repair and maintenance: car maintenance and repair equipment, workshop repair and painting, repair station construction, and management.
  2. New materials for automobiles: new metal materials and non-metal new materials technology and equipment, automotive composite parts.
  3. Auto Supplies: Car interior and exterior decoration, care products, window film, car film, car audio, and video, car navigation, car boutique products, car safety products, oil products, car modification products, and intelligent driving systems and products.
  4.  Exhibition Advantages The exhibition invites buyers to plan to create a more valuable business platform for you as long as you meet the following requirements: automotive supplies distribution, agents, car dealer groups/4S stores, car maintenance, repair plants, terminal stores, Refit agencies, e-commerce, wholesalers...
  5. who meet the following positions: Chairman, General Manager, Business General Manager, Business Director, Purchasing Director, Purchasing Manager... All can apply to become a special buyer of our exhibition and get the following privileges And benefits:

1. Business matching service (for you to meet interested suppliers and improve the efficiency of your visit)

2. Free business package (including conference catalogs, visiting guides, on-site forums, event schedules, passenger car show tickets, and lucky draws)

3. Exclusive access to the specially invited buyers lounge (specially invited buyers lounge at the exhibition site, providing free refreshments, luggage storage, Wi-Fi services, etc.) You will get a certificate with a special logo and enter the venue through a special channel, saving your precious time)

4.  Get free tickets for the Guangzhou Auto Show (worth 100 yuan/piece)

5.  Fresh information is at your fingertips (we will send e-newsletters) Provide you with the list of exhibitors and new product information, so that you can grasp the new trends and trends in the industry.)

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