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Baojun did what Suzuki should do

Baojun did what Suzuki should do

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Baojun did what Suzuki should do

China's Baojun did what Suzuki was supposed to do, making an affordable little electric four-wheel-drive off-road lifestyle car. Suzuki certainly has a chance with the Jimny. However, it is banned in most of Europe due to 170 g/km CO2 emissions. Will Baojun take over? Let's take a good look at their new car.
Baojun is a brand under the SAIC-GM-Wuling (SGMW) joint venture. It is positioned slightly higher than the Wuling brand known for its Mini EV. During the launch of the new Baojun KiWi EV, the 4×4 appeared in the video. The car was only shown briefly, but we managed to get enough screenshots to see what was going on.
Each headlight consists of four oval LED units. This shape reappears in the pop-up door handles and taillights.The yet-to-be-named new Baojun is expected to use the Baojun KiWi's platform, albeit with two electric motors instead of one. The KiWi's motor is at the back, making either 54 or 68 horsepower. So from what we know now, the output of the new 4×4 will be at least 110 hp.The wheels feature shiny grey alloys and yellow brake calipers.
At a time when nearly every Chinese automaker is launching for young professionals who live in big cities and like to go camping in the mountains on weekends, this new Baojun seems like a brilliant move. But none are as cool as this one. Baojun will show the concept version of the upcoming mass production at the Guangzhou Auto Show in late November, with a planned launch on the Chinese car market in the first quarter of 2023. Suzuki, act!

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