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What is the function of the OEM quality engine mount

What is the function of the OEM quality engine mount

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What is the function of the OEM quality engine mount

The engine is fixed on the body frame by connecting with the bracket. The role of the OEM quality engine mount is roughly divided into three points: "support", "vibration isolation" and "vibration control". The well-made engine mount not only doesn't transmit vibrations to the body but also helps improve the vehicle's handling and steering feel.

OEM quality engine mountThe OEM quality engine mount is placed on the front side member, which holds the upper end of the engine block on the right side of the vehicle and the transmission on the rotational axis of the power unit on the left side of the vehicle. At this point the lower part of the engine block needs to swing back and forth, so a point under the OEM quality engine mount is held by the torque rod in the subframe position away from the axis of rotation, which limits the engine from swinging like a pendulum. In addition, a torsion bar was added near the OEM quality engine mount on the upper right to hold it in a specific position to adjust for changes in engine position due to acceleration, deceleration and side-to-side roll. The structure of the engine bracket is basically the same.OEM quality engine mountTo sum up, the main function of the OEM quality engine mount is to fix the engine to play the role of anti-seismic and decompression. The engine will inevitably shake during operation, and the use of the engine mount can not only fix the position of the engine but also effectively reduce the vibration caused by the engine during operation, thus effectively protecting the safety of the engine and allowing the owner to rest assured drive. The OEM quality engine mount also improves car comfort, body stability, and handling.

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