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What accessories are included in the MAXUS Timing Kit

What accessories are included in the MAXUS Timing Kit

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What accessories are included in the MAXUS Timing Kit

MAXUS timing kit contains the MAXUS tensioner pulley, MAXUS tensioner, MAXUS idler pulley, and MAXUS timing belt required for the timing drive system, and also includes bolts, nuts, gaskets, and other hardware that should be replaced regularly to ensure that the timing drive system and the engine can be in ideal condition after maintenance.

MAXUS tensioning pulley is used for the belt tensioning device of the automobile transmission system, mainly by the fixed shell, tensioning arm, wheel body, torsion spring, rolling bearings, and spring bushings, etc., can automatically adjust the tensioning force according to the different degrees of belt tightness, so that the transmission system is stable and safe. MAXUS timing belt is an important part of the engine distribution system, through the connection with the MAXUS crankshaft and with A certain transmission ratio to ensure the accuracy of the intake and exhaust time. The idler pulley mainly plays the role of the auxiliary tensioning pulley, and belt, changing the direction of the belt, and increasing the belt and pulley inclusion angle.

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