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MG ONE not only retains the driving pleasure of fuel vehicles but is also equipped with smart technologies comparable to high-end electric vehicles. In terms of power, MG ONE is equipped with a new generation of mega-tech 1.5T high-power "China Heart" ten engines with a maximum power of 181 horsepower and a maximum torque of 285 n·M. In terms of the intelligent cockpit system, MG ONE is equipped with the Zebra Luoshen intelligent cockpit system and a 30-inch enveloping intelligent three-screen, which can realize the free definition of the screen and the unlimited interaction of gestures, touch, and voice, and present infinitely assisted decision-making in real-time. Limit driving control and road condition information, and realize unlimited communication from speech to semantics.

MG ONE is equipped with Mg pilot 2.0 advanced intelligent driving assistance system, which can realize unmanned intelligent parking in all scenarios, covering 29 parking scenarios. MG ONE also supports mobile app parking. Users can use the one-key remote control on their mobile phones to enter and exit the parking space in an unattended scene. Subsequently, MG ONE will launch Mg pilot version 3.0, equipped with the high-precision map-based nap advanced intelligent driving assistance system, and realize intelligent driving assistance in advanced scenarios with the most complete sensors and multiple intelligent driving assistance functions in its class.

MG ONE also has the first non-touch mobile phone car key for fuel vehicles, as well as black technologies such as OTA unlimited upgrade entertainment system and vehicle FOTA.

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