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Engine mount: the invisible master who has contributed a lot

Engine mount: the invisible master who has contributed a lot

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Engine mount: the invisible master who has contributed a lot

Engine mount, as one of the important components of automobile engine, plays an important role. It not only supports the weight of the engine and reduces vibration and noise, but also has a vital impact on driving comfort and driver safety. Although the role of engine mount is invisible, it is indispensable.

Engine mount

First of all, the engine mount bears the important task of supporting the weight of the engine. During the operation of the car, the engine needs to withstand shocks and vibrations under various road conditions, and the engine mount effectively reduces the impact of these vibrations on other vehicle components, protects the overall structure of the engine and vehicle, and extends the service life.

Secondly, engine mount plays a key role in reducing vibration and noise. By reducing the vibration and resonance frequency of the engine, the engine mount can effectively reduce the noise and discomfort generated by the vehicle during driving, improve driving comfort, and allow the driver and passengers to experience a smoother and quieter driving experience.

In addition, engine mount is also of great significance to driver's safety. A good engine bracket design can effectively reduce the displacement of the engine during a collision, reduce the damage to the vehicle structure, and improve the safety of the occupants. In daily driving, a stable engine mount also helps the driver better control the vehicle and improves driving safety.


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