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Chinese Car Belt Parts

Chinese Car Belt Parts

Chinese Car Belt Parts

As a one-stop auto parts supplier of Chinese car belt parts, MotorTec Auto Parts gets the Chinese car belt parts list ready. The list includes the most Chinese car belt parts. You are welcome to contact us for details,

MotorTec (Nanchang) Auto Parts Ltd. is specialized in auto parts sourcing services by integrating qualified auto parts manufacturers.
In the principle of “AUTO PARTS & OPTIMIZING”, we have continuously improved our product's quality and service.
Now MotorTec can provide a One-Stop purchase solution for vehicles of Chevrolet (Sail/N200/N300/Aveo/Spark), MG, Maxus, Chery, GWM, Geely, BYD, FAW, and DFSK, etc. You are welcome to contact us at or find our CONTACTS page. 

Below pls find some OEM codes for your reference. 

477F-1007073 1023611GD150 SMD182295 SMD329639 C00141717 S12-3701315 12654472
472FC-1007081 24312-02270 SMD182293 SMD186125 1025011XEC06 10073410 C00194441
D4G15B-1021021 10202623 BYDLK-3407020B 3701011AED01A C00320921 10295938 D4G15B-1025051
10168706 10759212 LK-1003114 LFB479Q-1025015A 1021013XED61 10097737 113600015701
10178894 10202585 471Q-1000016 3701011XEG71 H15T012-2600 LHN100560 1073002300
10045454 10079783 G3Q-8103113 C00014687 H16012-0100 23866811 LBA3407103
1006060-E06 10077088 LK-3407020B 10097738 371F-1025093 24100564 C00001525
SMD182294 3701011-ED01A 3407013XKZ20A 1000034-B03 481H-1007073BA 24100558 3407011XED95
473H-1007073 24100556 3412011-P00 3701011-EG01 1025014GG010 1023011-26L C00073552
S11-3701315 S00001230 1307012-E06 3407012-S16 1023611GD190 90080-TVA00 04E109119L
A11-3412051 24102986 3412011XF04XA C00197490 1015601GD190 10158205 S11-8104051BC
372-1007081 LF479Q1-1025016A 3412011-K00 C00096149 A11-3701315BA 3972375 371F-1025092
3412011AK00XA 1000105XP8TXA          

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