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BYD Dolphin Car

BYD Dolphin Car

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BYD Dolphin Car

BYD Dolphin car rear styling design overall leans towards a young and fashionable design style, which through the design of LED taillights is the biggest highlight of the rear styling design, the effect of the taillights at night when lit can be quite able to attract the attention of passers-by, and the integrated through the middle of the taillights also joined the "BUILD YOUR DREAMS" achievement brand slogan.

Power system, BYD Dolphin models will be equipped with a 70 kW permanent magnet synchronous motor system, the maximum torque of the motor can reach 180 Nm, more with lithium iron phosphate BYD blade battery, the battery maximum pure electric range of 301 and 405 km, respectively.

Our company includes a variety of BYD parts,

Sedan: F0/F3/F3R/L3/G3/G3R/G5/G6/F6/e1/e2/e3/e5/e6/Surui/Sirui

SUV: S6/S7/Yuan Plus/Yuan Por/Song/Song Plus/Tang/S2

MPV: Song Max/e6/M6/D1

MotorTec Auto Parts is a BYD parts supplier in China. We are committed to providing customers one-stop parts solution on BYD parts.

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