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Searching for MAXUS Auto Parts Wholesaler and Supplier in China? We are a one-stop Chinese auto parts wholesaler and supplier for all MAXUS cars. Buy Original MAXUS Auto Parts products in best price from certified Chinese Car Parts wholesaler and supplier. MotorTec Auto Parts is a one-stop auto parts supplier for all MAXUS cars, including T60, T70, T90, G10, V80, V90, EV30 and etc.


As Maxus auto parts wholesaler supplier from China, we could provide customers genuine Maxus auto parts and good quality Maxus auto spare parts, covering engine parts, suspension parts, steering parts, chassis parts, bearings, filters, body parts, fuel supply system, lamps, bumpers, ignition system.


Quality Maxus auto spare parts, MOTEC brand

As a professional Maxus auto spare parts dealer, we could provide our customers good and professional service.

* Good quality auto parts with competitive price

* Professional auto parts packaging

* On-time delivery


Applicable Models

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MAXUS Car Parts OE Lists

C00093408 C00095449 C00074198 C00229773 C00197479 C00059814 C00052606 C00093490
C00051512 C00104463 C00089344 C00229773 C00079178 C00059814 C00146725 C00093537
C00127570 C00014634 C00119797 C00229773 C00258299 C00056601 C00146727 C00093943
C00127570 C00014634 C00085321 C00301137 C00197486 C00056601 C00113565 C00093534
C00104463 C00308847 C00085321 C00301137 C00197479 C00044109 C00122258 C00093487
C00104462 C00092635 C00422662 C00063177 C00079178 C00044109 C00122258 C00093490
C00086128 C00308847 C00032808 C00063177 C00197490 C00047882 C00113707 C00002413
C00051512 C00092635 C00119797 C00073991 C00096149 C00100240 C00002428 C00016049
C00042394 C00014634 C00422662 C00099664 C00141717 C00134759 C00073987 C00033959
C00095030 C00308847 C00032808 C00073991 C00077409 C00100240 C00073990 C00033959
C00042394 C00300228 C00016587 C00099664 C00077409 C00134759 C00040306 C00173630
C00095030 C00300228 C00176661 C00048272 C00320921 C00047895 C00073987 C00173631
C00104462 C00300228 C00176661 C00048272 C00320921 C00047895 C00073990 C00173633
C00144832 C00047878 C00085321 C00048272 C00194441 C00045838 C00040306 C00173630
C00236665 C00047879 C00085321X C00089342 C00194441 C00068668 C00101276 C00173631
C00144832 C00047879 C00085321X C00013617 C00087787 C00068668 C00002428 C00173633
C00236665 C00047878 C00027056 C00089342 C00087787 C00038469 C00113565 C00260664
C00144832 C00093498 C00074198 C00013701 C00073552 C00112937 C00123843 C00260664
C00236665 C00014657 C00176661 C00033245 C00258299 C00036166 C00123843 C00089553
C00051512 C00014657 C00013619 C00045128 C00073552 C00080930 C00123843 C00014573
C00107300 C00093498 C00032327 C00013701 C00073562 C00112937 C00302807 C00089553
C00107300 C00093498 C00041912 C00033245 C00073562 C00036166 C00103508 C00014573
C00031539 C00001634 C00041913 C00045128 C00001636 C00080930 C00103508 C00302806
C00031539 C00047880 C00048298 C00056177 C00002533 C00017092 C00146725 C00302806
C00014574 C00053672 C00048297 C00056177 C00015541 C00075198 C00047545 C00302806
C00014574 C00047880 C00032327 C00056177 C00165141 C00075198 C00113585 C00013620
C00014535 C00053672 C00041912 C00197490 C00093501 C00068668 C00047545 C00019992
C00014535 C00089344 C00041913 C00096149 C00165141 C00030854 C00113585 C00019992
C00014673 C00074198 C00048298 C00014687 C00093501 C00030854 C00090859 C00013630
C00015303 C00027056 C00048297 C00073552 C00052194 C00038469 C00090859 C00013630
C00010005 C00089344 C00017641 C00001525 C00083448 C00051398 C00002413 C00013630
C00218456 C00275289 C00235439 C00141717 C00047882 C00030743 C00093537 C00047382
C00218456 C00013619 C00017641 C00014687 C00047882 C00030743 C00093943 C00047382
C00095449 C00275289 C00235439 C00258299 C00052194 C00112937 C00093534 C00103507
C00095449 C00013619 C00235439 C00197486 C00083448 C00101276 C00093487 C00002423
C00103507 C00002423 C00184433 C00184433 C00042587 C00042587 C00049939 C00095355
C00002885 C00026650 C00095334 C00177415 C00095355 C00002885 C00026650 C00095334
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