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China BYD Auto Spare Parts Supplier Wholesaler Factory Price for BYD Cars F0/F3/F3R/F6/e5/e6/L3/G3/S6/S7/QIN/SONG/TANG/HAN


China BYD Auto Spare Parts Supplier Wholesaler Factory Price for BYD Cars F0/F3/F3R/F6/e5/e6/L3/G3/S6/S7/QIN/SONG/TANG/HAN

MotorTec Auto Parts is a one-stop auto parts supplier for all BYD cars, including F0/F3/F3R/F6/e5/e6/L3/G3/S6/S7/QIN/SONG/TANG/HAN and etc. BYD original parts, BYD OES/OEM parts, and BYD replacements available
BYD F0, F3, F3R, F6, S6, S7, L3, G3, G3R, e5, e6, SURUI, SONG
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12 Months
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MotorTec Auto Parts is a one-stop auto parts supplier for all BYD cars, including F0/F3/F3R/F6/e5/e6/L3/G3/S6/S7/QIN/SONG/TANG/HAN and etc.

As BYD auto parts wholesaler supplier from China, we could provide customers Original BYD auto parts, original quality OEM* (please check below remark for details) and OES* auto spare parts from BYD OEMs, and good quality replacement IES* BYD auto spare parts.

including car engine parts, suspension parts, steering parts, chassis parts, bearings, filters, body parts, fuel supply system, lamps, bumpers, ignition system and etc.


Some OE codes of BYD cars for your reference. You are welcome to contact us

F3-3802080 F3-2803111 371QA-1003021 LK-1211100 371QA-1003029 BYDLK-8103010 MD177572 LK-4116200A F3-5601127 LK-8402010/77
DXB-BYD-371QA1.1 F3-2804111 LK-2803117 LK-1001020 371QA-1021013 BYDLK-8105010A 471Q-1000004 F3-8402010/77-C1 F3-5601128 Q1971220TF13
471Q-1000806 F3-2905130 LK-2803118 LK-2803121 371QA-1021012 BYDLK-2803129 471Q-1000005 F3-8403112C/77 F3-5828100-B2 6DT25-1601810
F3-2906103 F3-2905230 LK-2804130 LK-2803122 371QA-1002030 BYDLK-2803118 476Q-1L-3701950 F3-8403111C/77 F3-8103020 6DT25-1601910
F3-2904120 LK-3502001-C1 LK-2804120 LK-2803128 471Q-3707802 BYDLK-8402010/77 471Q-3708950 F3-2803113-C1 F3-8202100 LK-3502111
F3-2904130 371QA-1021020 471Q-1000801 LK-2803110 471Q-3707801 BYDLK-2804500 F3-8402150 F3-2803114-C1 F3-8202200 HCE-4113200
LK-2904400 371QA-1109030 471Q-1000800 LK-2803110A 10018965-00 BYD5T-09-1701113 F3-8402160 F3-2803010/77 F3-8402010 HAEV-3103100
LK-2904300 483QA-1017010 371QA-1004020 LK-2804118 F01R064917 BYD5T-09-1702120 BYDF3D-1123100 L3-2803710A-C1S3 F3-8402180 HAEV-3104100
G3-3104100 473QA-1307020A F3-1301100 LK-2804117 BYD371QA-1003040 BYD5T-09-1701220 BYDF3-1301100 L3-4121010 F3-8403111 HAEV-3104200
473QA-1011010 473QA-1307020 LK-1301100 LK-2803500 BYD371QA-1017011 BYD5T-09-1701320 BYDF3-1308100 L3-4121020 F3-8403112 E6F-3103110
10237943-00 ZS-BYD-371QA LK-8107014-C1 LK-6307111 BYD371QA-3701020 BYD5T-09-1701310 BYDF3-2203013 L3-8403111/77 F3D-1123100 E6F-3104100
LK-2904200 ZS-BYD-473Q LK-4108100 LK-4121010 BYD371QA-1109020 BYD5T-09-1701210 G3Q-2203112 L3-8403112/77 F3D-3412010 25325632
LK-2904100 F3-2905210 371QA-3705100 LK-2810010 BYD371QA-1307020 BYD5T-09-1701432 BYDF3-3401010 L3-2803151 LK-1101010-C1 5T-09-1708115
1023775900 F3-4133100 LK-3630100B LK-2203200B BYD371QA-3708020 5T-09-1701510 BYDF3-3401020 L3-2803111 LK-1301010 10127910-00
9100705 F3-4133200 LK-8202107 5T-09-1701436 BYD371QA-3707020 5T-09-1701211 BYDF3-3401040 L3-2804111 LK-2803129 10127911-00
F3-1608100-C2 LK-2905100 LK-8202207 5T-09-1701431 BYDLK-1001020 5T-09-1701311 BYDF3D-3412010 L3-4133020 LK-2804110 487ZQA-1005200
10167879-00 LK-2905200 LK-4133010 5T-09-1708110 BYDLK-1001100 LK-1003114 BYDF3-2810100 L3-4133010 LK-2804500 M6-3501011
IB5-1609100 LK-3102010B LK-4116100B 5T-09-1708111 BYDLK-1001400 LK-8202100 BYDF3-2905100 L3-4116300 LK-2900912 E6A-3541601C
ZS-BYD-473QB LK-3774010 LK-4116200B 5T-09-1701240 BYDLK-3501124 LK-8202200-00B0 BYDF3-2905200 L3-4116400 LK-2904010 E6A-2108010E
IB5-1001300 LK-6310100B F3-4104300D 5T-09-1701230 BYDLK-3501130 BYDLK-5602113 BYDF3-2915100 L3-8402010/77 LK-2904020 E6Y-3773010-00BU
IB5-1001100 M6-1109302 LK-8202200-B0 5T-09-1701437 BYDLK-3501300 BYDLK-5602111 BYDF3-2915200 371QA-1003040 LK-2905300 473QA-1004012
IB5-1001040 473QA-1011020 LK-1123100 LK-3921130 BYDQ1971220TF13 BYDLK-5602112 BYDF3-3501102 371QA-1017011 LK-2906113 473QB-1000870
F3-2906110 5T14-1708211 473QA-3705010 LK-3921110 BYDLK-3502130 BYDLK-5828100B BYDF3-3501160 371QA-1109020 LK-2906115 473QA-1004015
LK-2905400 5T14-1708212 F3-2803010 LK-3102112 BYDLK-3502140 5T-09-1701320 BYDF3-5828100-B2 371QA-3707020 LK-2906116 473QA-1002012
F3-2905300 5T14-1708311 371QA-1017020/97 LK-3102111 BYDLK-3502110 BYD5T-09-1701300 G3-4121020 371QA-3708020 LK-3300010 473QE-3705100
LK-1001400 5T14-1708312 471Q-1600800 LK-5820020B BYDLK-3502120 BYDLK-2905400 G3-4121010 371QA-5-1000960 LK-3401110 IB5-3705100
F3-2904140 5T14-1708315 471Q-1600801 LK-4133020-C1 BYDLK-3502111 BYDLK-2906113 BYDF3-8103020 473QA-3701020 LK-3401120 F3-1109132
10259878-00 3B-8202100A-D1 471Q-3707800 LK-4133010-C1 BYDLK-3502300 BYDLK-3813100A G3Q-8103113 5T-09-1701113 LK-3401130 S6J-1301010B-C1
10259877-00 LK-2905500 F3-8105010 LK-2905020 BYDLK-3502300B BYDLK-8107030 BYDF3-8105010 5T-09-1701210 LK-3407020B ZS-BYD-4G69S4M
10251131-00 3B-8202109A-D1 LK-5305113 LK-2905010 BYDLK-1301010 BYDLK-6310110B BYDF3-8402180 5T-09-1701220 LK-3501124 S6-2915400
S6-3411010 T24-3411010 LK-6107134 LK-3407100B BYDLK-1602200 BYDLK-2804110 BYDF3-8402160 5T-09-1701300 LK-3501130 S6J-8103010B
E6A-8202109 3B-8202100-D1 LK-6107133 LK-2906117 BYDLK-3508300 BYDLK-3502220 BYDF3-8402150 5T-09-1701310 LK-3502110 S6-5828100
S6DM-3501110 3B-8202109-D1 LK-4133020 LK-4134200 BYDLK-3508200 BYD371QA-5-1000960 BYDF3-8202100 5T-09-1701432 LK-3502120 S6J-1001110B
371QA-1307020 LK-3506140-C1 LK-3401010 Q197A1220TF6 BYDLK-2905100 BYD371QA-3705100 BYDF3-8202200 5T-09-1702120 LK-3502130 S6J-1001210B
5T-09-1701110 F3-1105110 LK-2203100 LK-2304116 BYDLK-2905200 BYDLK-1123100 BYDF3-8402010 5T-14-1602810 LK-3502140 S6J-1001310B
5PK1215 471Q-1003803 LK-2905121-C1 LK-3501125 BYDLK-2905300 BYDLK-1101010-C1 BYDF3-2803010 F3-1308100 LK-3502220 S6J-1001410B
LK-3501300 QWDGLG1221 LK-1308200 F3-1101201 BYDLK-2810010 473QA-1017010 BYDF3-8403111 F3-2203013 LK-3502300 E6-6104010
1064001701 LK-3506140-CL 371QA-3611200 EG-1117100 BYDLK-2904010 G3Q-1001110 BYDF3-8403112 F3-2804010 LK-3502300B E6A-3501500-C1
371QA-1306030 371QA-1130100 371QA-3611100 5T-09-1602810 BYDLK-2904020 G3Q-1001050 BYDF3-2804010 F3-2810100 LK-3508200 E6A-3502500-C1
371QA-1303020 371QA-1002040 371QA-3611500 LK-1601100 BYDLK-3300010 G3Q-1001210 BYDF3-5601127 F3-2905100 LK-3508300 HAEV-2905010
473QA-1306031 371QA-1306020 LK-2803151 LK-1601200 BYDLK-3401130 G3Q-1001430 BYDF3-5601128 F3-2905200 LK-3813100A HAEV-2905020
E6-3746050A-00BV 471Q-1000810 LK-2803700B 371QA-3701020 BYDLK-3401110 G3-3746512 BYDF3-4116300 F3-2915100 LK-5306311 HAEV-2915010
BYD F0 F3-5828100 LK-4125200 371QA-1003034 BYDLK-3401120 G3-4133010 BYDF3-4116400 F3-2915200 LK-5306311A HAEV-2915020
BYD F3 371QA-1002013 LK-4125100 371QA-1017020 BYDLK-3407020B G3-4133020 BYD5T-14-1602810 F3-3401010 LK-5602111 SE-1001510
BYD S6 371QA-1002012 LK-2203200 371QA-1008100 BYDLK-2906116 G3-4107100 BYD473QA-3701020 F3-3401020 LK-5602112 F3Y-1001510
5T09-1701311 371QA-1002011 LK-1001100 371QA-1021050 BYDLK-2906115 G3-4107200 3B-2803111 F3-3401040 LK-5602113  ......
5T09-1701200 371QA-5-1004015 LK-1602200 371QA-1021040 BYDLK-2900912 471Q-1307950-B F3-8401111C F3-3501102 LK-6310110B  
5T09-1701317 F3-1101202 LK-5828100B 371QA-1021030 BYDLK-5828100 476Q-1000807 F3-4121100C-C2 F3-3501160 LK-8103010  
6DT25-1600010 LK-5828100 F3-3102112 LK-1205100B BYDLK-5306311A 471Q-1000016 F3-4121200C-C2 F3-4116300 LK-8105010A  
LK-4121020 371QA-1003022 F3-3102111 371QA-3611700 BYDLK-5306311 471Q-1306950 LK-4116100A F3-4116400 LK-8107030  



OE, OEM, OES - the so-called "original" spare parts or spare parts of original quality, and IES - respectively, "non-original".
OE (Original Equipment) - original equipment. OE spare parts - the original, designed primarily for the "conveyor", and not for free sale.
OEM (Original equipment manufacturer) - Manufacturer of original parts. OEM spare parts are a category of original auto parts intended for sale and warranty service.
OES (Original Equipment Supplier) - Original Equipment Supplier. OES is a category of spare parts of original quality, having on the packaging the mark of the manufacturing plant parts, but corresponding to the original original requirements.
IES (Independent Equipment Supplier) - Independent Parts Supplier. This group implies "non-original" spare parts, the quality and performance of which may differ both for the better and to reduce the cost of parts for the worse.

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