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Will the strategic Boyue L become the king of Geely

Will the strategic Boyue L become the king of Geely

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Will the strategic Boyue L become the king of Geely

Recently, the first mass-produced car of Boyue L officially rolled off the production line at Geely Ningbo factory, which also means that Boyue L has officially entered the "countdown" to launch and is ready for "launch and delivery" .Many people regard Boyue L as the replacement model of Boyue, but in fact, apart from the similar names, they have little connection in terms of product design and power system.
As we all know, the prototype of the Boyue L is the previous FX11, which is the first application of Geely's CMA architecture to a mainstream A-class SUV.
It should be noted that in Geely's planning, the CMA structure is not casually distributed. Except for the high-end "China Star" series, only strategic models like Boyue L will be used.
completely new model Geely has been emphasizing that Boyue L is not a replacement model of Boyue, it is a brand new model.It adopts a completely different strategy from the previous Boyue at the product level. Boyue L is built based on Geely 4.0 strategy, while Boyue is a masterpiece of Geely 3.0 era.What is Geely 4.0 Strategy?That is, Geely and Volvo jointly developed a new CMA basic module architecture, with a total investment of 12 billion yuan in research and development. The advantages are reflected in the ability to build intelligent core technologies, including electronic and electrical architectures, and have the characteristics of upward compatibility and rapid iteration; Geely 3.0, It refers to Geely's 3.0 premium car strategy, products created in terms of design, texture or configuration.
The positioning and ideas of the two are completely different, and the products they create are also quite different.As a new masterpiece of Geely 4.0 era, Boyue L adopts a new design style. It is Geely's first mass-produced car based on the "VisionStarburst" concept car. Because it retains the design elements of the concept car, it gives people a dynamic and cool sense of technology.
This feeling is vividly expressed in the "light wave ripple front grille", "particle ray light group" and "two-color body".

This is completely different from Boyue's solemn and majestic feeling before.The second is intelligence.Boyue L is equipped with a large central control screen equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 8155 chip, L2-level intelligent driving assistance system, equipped with Galaxy OS Air system, supports global FOTA upgrade, high-end models also support NOA high-end intelligent driving assistance, and can realize point-to-point The automatic driving assistance and so on are directly full in terms of intelligent performance.
Then there is the power aspect.According to the official information, there are two types of conventional power: 1.5T (181 horsepower) and 2.0T (218 horsepower), and the gearbox is a 7-speed dual-clutch; Electric hybrid and plug-in hybrid versions. Boyue L has a variety of power options, which also means a wider audience.
Advantages over competing products
The body size of Boyue L is 4670×1900×1705mm in length, width and height, and the wheelbase is 2777mm, which is very advanced compared with competitors at the same level. Compared with CS75 PLUS with a length of 4700mm and Haval H6 with a length of 4653mm, Boyue L is on the same level as them. The long wheelbase of 2777mm surpasses CS75PLUS (wheelbase 2710mm) and Haval H6 (wheelbase 2738mm).
Boyue L also realizes NOA lane-level automatic driving, which is the first time among fuel vehicles. Boyue L can realize intelligent coping in more than 100 high-speed driving scenarios, such as automatic driving from point A to point B in high-speed elevated scenarios, automatic up and down ramps, automatic lane changes, automatic avoidance, and automatic deceleration on curves. Just do the necessary supervision without interfering.
In terms of cockpit intelligence, Xingyue L provides Qualcomm Snapdragon 815 car chip, a new car machine with Galaxy OS Ari version, and provides 13.2-inch vertical screen + 10.25-inch LCD instrument + 25.6-inch AR-HUD. The powers are not inferior in comparison.
Why continue the name of Boyue?
Although Boyue L is not the same species as Boyue, it still continues the name. Geely's purpose is very simple, that is, it does not want to give up the Boyue model.
It is no exaggeration to say that Boyue has opened up a new era of Geely brand SUV models, and it is a milestone and meritorious model. Most of the self-owned brands are deeply involved in the SUV market. Only Geely can achieve a balanced development of SUVs and sedans, and Boyue has really contributed.
It has been more than 6 years since Boyue was born, and it has continuously expanded its boundaries to meet the different needs of consumers. At present, the Boyue family owns Boyue, Boyue X, Boyue Pro and other models, and the cumulative sales so far are close to 1.5 million.
The reason why the new car is named Boyue L is not because Boyue made great contributions and took a compromise, but because of the result of Geely's deliberate consideration of many factors such as brand value and user acceptance.
Just as Lin Jie, senior vice president of Geely Automobile Group, said: "Boyue L's naming and positioning are not tricky. It presents stronger product power and at the same time returns to brand value. The word 'Boyue' has nearly 150 words. The cornerstone of millions of users is a very precious asset, so there is no need to change the vest, but to further improve ourselves with the idea of ​​'one generation is better than the next generation'."
Boyue L will use its brand-new product strength and image to drive the evolution of the brand, from the inside to the outside.
Now the Chinese auto market is undergoing tremendous changes. An all-round change initiated by new car-making forces has made everyone restless. The industry is full of various "subversion", "reconstruction", "change" and "innovation" high-level concepts, The brand story is fascinating, all kinds of brand-new brands such as crucian carp, the exaggerated remarks of "invincible within 5 million" are everywhere, and some executives end up personally leading the battle. The current new energy market can be said to be in full swing. " "Chaos" emerges one after another, and consumers are dazzled.
Objectively speaking, the automobile market is a fully competitive market, and it is constantly changing. We cannot deny this general trend because of "chaos". There is nothing wrong with new people, new atmosphere, new energy and new ways of playing.
Therefore, this makes it even more rare for auspicious "human beings to be sober". It is important to build a high-end brand, but it is more decisive to stabilize the basic sales volume.

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