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What is the function of the engine mount

What is the function of the engine mount

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What is the function of the engine mount

The function of the Maxus engine mount is to support and position the engine. The engine bracket usually supports the engine and the frame together through the transmission housing and the flywheel housing. The commonly used support methods are three-point support and four-point support. The front support of the three-point support is supported on the frame through the crankcase, and the rear support is supported on the Maxus frame through the gearbox.

The Maxus suspension system exists as a part connecting the powertrain and the body. Its main function is to support the powertrain, reduce the impact of total dynamic vibration on the vehicle, limit the total vibration of the vehicle, and play a role in the NVH performance of the vehicle. Very big effect. Let the electric state editor introduce the function of the engine mount in more detail. What is the mounting system?

The function of the Maxus engine mount, what is the Maxus mount system? --The reason is that the engine itself is an internal vibration source, and at the same time, it is also subject to various vibration interference from the outside, causing damage to parts and uncomfortable rides, etc., so the suspension system is set to transmit the vibration of the engine to the support system reduced to a minimum.

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