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What is the difference between an OE short engine and an engine assembly

What is the difference between an OE short engine and an engine assembly

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What is the difference between an OE short engine and an engine assembly

Nowadays, cars have become a necessity in people's lives, and everyone is familiar with car engines, but many people don't know the difference between long engines and OE short engines. Let's find out together.
OE short engines, long engines, or engine assembly all refer to the terms of the engine factory to distinguish the different assembly states of the engine.OE short engine for MAXUS
An OE short engine for MAXUS generally only consists of three parts: cylinder head, cylinder block, and oil pan. In addition to the above three parts, the engine assembly also includes intake and exhaust manifolds, engine wiring harness, spark plugs, and engine accessories. The OE short engine is also called "a bald machine", that is, there are no external parts of the engine, such as no intake and exhaust manifolds and other related components, and no generator. Simply put, it is a combination of an integral cylinder block assembly and cylinder head assembly.
The OE short engine for MAXUS sometimes refers to the engine with only the crank connecting rod mechanism (mainly the cylinder block, crankshaft, piston, connecting rod, etc., generally including the oil pan), because it is a semi-finished product and small in size, it is called short hair. The long engine opposite to the OE short engine for MAXUS refers to the assembled engine (inlet and exhaust pipes, cylinder head assembly, timing chain, accessories, etc.), because it is a finished product with a much larger volume, so it is called the long engine.


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