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What is the brake caliper for MAXUS

What is the brake caliper for MAXUS

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What is the brake caliper for MAXUS

The brake caliper for MAXUS refers to a caliper disc brake, which is a type of disc brake. Its rotating element is an end-working metal disc called a brake disc. The fixed element of the brake caliper for MAXUS is a brake block composed of a friction block with a small working area and its metal back plate. Each brake has one to two brake pads. These brake pads and their drives are mounted on caliper-type brackets that span both sides of the brake disc, collectively referred to as brake caliper. The brake disc and the caliper together constitute a caliper disc brake.brake caliper for MAXUSThe brake caliper for MAXUS is a saddle-shaped aluminum alloy product in appearance. In disc brakes, it also refers to the body of the brake. While receiving the braking force, it also bears the reaction force generated by the friction plate pressing on the disc, so the caliper needs to be made very strong. The brake caliper for MAXUS on the front wheel of the car is mainly installed on the front shock absorber, while the caliper on the rear wheel of the car is installed on the rocker's arm.brake caliper for MAXUS
As an important safety component of the car, the brake caliper for MAXUS plays a vital role. It can be said that without the brake caliper, the braking system of the car will collapse. Vehicle components such as brake calipers connect the brake pads together, both of which will come into contact with the surface of the brake rotor, which can act to slow the car down or come to a complete stop.


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