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What are brake calipers for MAXUS cars

What are brake calipers for MAXUS cars

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What are brake calipers for MAXUS cars

MAXUS brake caliper refers to a caliper disc brake, which is a kind of disc brake. Its rotating element is a metal disc with an end face, called a brake disc.

The fixed element is a brake block composed of a friction block with a small working area and its metal back plate. There are 2 to 4 pieces in each brake. These brake blocks and their actuating devices are installed across the two sides of the brake disc. In the clamp-shaped bracket, it is collectively called a brake caliper. MAXUS discs and MAXUS calipers together form a caliper disc brake.

According to different installation positions, brakes can be divided into MAXUS wheel brakes and central brakes. Brakes whose rotating elements are fixed to the wheels or axle shafts are called wheel brakes; brakes whose rotating elements are fixed to the drive shaft of the transmission system are called central brakes. Wheel brakes are generally used for service braking, but also for emergency braking and parking braking.

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