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What You Need to Know About Steering Systems:

What You Need to Know About Steering Systems:

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What You Need to Know About Steering Systems:

Types, Certification, and More
Q: What is a steering system?
A: A steering system in a vehicle is responsible for controlling the direction of movement. It translates the driver's input through the steering wheel into the necessary actions to turn the wheels.
Q: What are the different types of steering systems?
A: There are several types of steering systems, including:
1. Rack and pinion: A popular type of steering system that uses a gear mechanism to control the direction of the wheels.
2. Recirculating ball: Commonly used in trucks and SUVs, this system uses ball bearings to convert the rotational movement of the steering wheel into linear movement.
3. Worm and sector: Less common than the other two, this system uses a worm gear to control the steering.
Q: What is power steering?
A: Power steering is a feature that helps drivers steer their vehicle with less effort. It uses hydraulic or electric power to assist with the steering.
Q: What certifications should a steering system have?
A: In the United States, steering systems should meet Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS) as set by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). These standards ensure that the steering system is safe and reliable.
Q: How do I maintain my steering system?
A: Regular maintenance of your steering system can help extend its lifespan. This includes checking for leaks, keeping the fluid level correct, and having a professional inspect it regularly.
In conclusion, understanding the different types of steering systems, power steering, and certification standards can help you choose a safe and reliable steering system for your vehicle. Regular maintenance is also crucial in ensuring its longevity.

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