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Causes and solutions of timing cover for MG oil leakage

There are two reasons why a vehicle's timing cover for MG leaks oil. First: The valve cover gasket of the engine is aging, and it will lose the sealing ability it should have.

What is the function of the original quality timing cover for CHANGAN

The original quality timing cover for CHANGAN is a common component in internal combustion engines that protect timing gears, timing chains or belts, and other small parts.

What is the China timing cover for GEELY

To put it simply, the China timing cover for GEELY is the transmission part of the engine, including the timing belt, tensioning pulley, and idler pulley, so that the parts form a set into timing set. The china timing cover is generally recommended to be replaced in a complete set after driving for 2 years or 60,000 kilometers.
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