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The role of MAXUS steering knuckle

The role of MAXUS steering knuckle

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The role of MAXUS steering knuckle

MAXUS steering knuckle is the hinge for wheel steering, generally, in the shape of a fork, the upper and lower forks have two coaxial holes for installing the kingpin, and the MAXUS steering knuckle journal is used to install the wheel.

The two lugs of the pinhole on the MAXUS steering knuckle are connected with the fist-shaped parts at both ends of the front axle through the kingpin so that the front wheel can deflect at a certain angle around the kingpin to steer the car.
In order to reduce wear, a bronze bushing is pressed into the pinhole of the steering knuckle, and the lubrication of the bushing is lubricated by injecting grease from the grease nipple installed on the steering knuckle.
In order to make the steering flexible, a bearing is installed between the lower ear of the steering knuckle and the first part of the front axle, and an adjusting gasket is installed between the upper ear of the steering knuckle and the first part to adjust the gap.
When the steering wheel is turned, the gear of the MAXUS steering gear rotates, and the gear rack meshed with it moves axially, so that the left and right tie rods drive the steering knuckle to rotate left and right, and the steering wheel deflects, thereby realizing the steering of the car.

The function of the MAXUS steering knuckle: it can make the drive shaft transmit the power of the transmission (or transfer case) to the reduction gear in the main drive in a balanced manner within a certain angle range, so as to avoid damage to the drive shaft components. judging the replacement time of the brake disc. Additionally, brake discs need to be replaced when they fail. For example, when the brake handle shakes while driving, the brake disc is deformed, and new brakes need to be replaced. Of course, the most professional judgment is based on the brake disc. For the actual thickness, do you need a professional to replace the brake disc?

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