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The role of MAXUS cylinder head

The role of MAXUS cylinder head

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The role of MAXUS cylinder head

The function of the MAXUS cylinder head is to seal the cylinder, form a combustion space together with the MAXUS piston, and withstand the action of high temperature and high-pressure gas. The MAXUS cylinder head bears the mechanical load caused by the gas force and tightening of the cylinder bolts, and also bears a high thermal load due to the contact with the high-temperature gas. In order to ensure good sealing of the cylinder, the MAXUS cylinder head should neither be damaged nor deformed, and the cylinder head should have sufficient strength and rigidity. The cylinder head is an important part with a heavy load and very complex structure, which requires sufficient strength and good heat resistance. Cylinder heads are generally made of high-quality gray cast iron or alloy cast iron, and gasoline engines for MAXUS vehicles mostly use aluminum alloy cylinder heads. Aluminum alloy has good thermal conductivity, which is beneficial to improve the compression ratio of the engine.

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