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The role of MAXUS Steering Rack

The role of MAXUS Steering Rack

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The role of MAXUS Steering Rack

There are many functions of the MAXUS Steering Rack, and I will only briefly discuss them here. The first function is to transmit force, which can also be called bearing, which plays the role of bearing the weight of the train;

The second function is buffering, also known as shock absorption, mainly to ensure that the train has good stability and stability. The third function is steering, which can also be called guidance, which plays a role in guiding the train to run on the rails;

The third function is braking, I believe everyone understands this function, and the opposite fifth function is driving.

I would like to emphasize one more point about the driving action of the bogie. Not all Steering Racks MAXUS have a driving effect, only a power bogie has a driving effect, and non-power Steering Racks MAXUS has no driving effect.

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