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The first "global car" MG EH32 was officially launched in mass production

The first "global car" MG EH32 was officially launched in mass production

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The first "global car" MG EH32 was officially launched in mass production

A few days ago, we learned from the official that MG EH32, the first "global car" of MG, was officially mass produced at SAIC Ningde Base.

According to the official, MG EH32 has targeted the European market since the project was established. The car was jointly designed by the Chinese team and the British team of SAIC Design Center to meet the aesthetic and use habits of global consumers. In addition, based on consumers' demands for safety and environmental protection, EH32 also combines technologies such as the exclusive architecture of a new generation of electric vehicles, intelligent cockpit, and intelligent driving. Thanks to the strong support of Fujian Provincial and Ningde Municipal governments for the resumption of production of SAIC Ningde Base, MG EH32 was successfully mass produced and is expected to be listed this year.

As the production base of EH32, SAIC Ningde Base is the largest automobile factory in Asia and was awarded the title of "China's benchmark intelligent factory in 2020". SAIC Ningde Base has built an automobile intelligent manufacturing system integrating "intelligent equipment", "intelligent supply chain" and "big data intelligent brain". On average, one new car can be offline every minute, and the maximum production capacity can be expanded to 300000 vehicles a year. At the same time, SAIC Ningde Base is also the largest export base of new energy vehicles in China. Many models such as MG eHS plug-in hybrid have been exported to overseas markets such as Europe, Australia and New Zealand, South America and the Middle East.

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