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The fastest pure electric small steel gun within MG 200000

The fastest pure electric small steel gun within MG 200000

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The fastest pure electric small steel gun within MG 200000

The pure electric vehicle market is not only an arena for new car-making forces, but domestic traditional auto companies have joined the competition one after another. As one of the twin stars of SAIC passenger cars, MG has recently launched its first pure electric vehicle built on a pure electric platform - MG MULAN (parameter | inquiry), with a guide price of 129,800-186,800 RMB is a hatchback crossover world car.

The new car follows some of the design elements of the MG fuel car. The low-slung front end is matched with the slender headlight design to form a downward diving posture, which is exactly the same as the appearance of the MG fuel car. Vertical daytime running lights are set in the fog light frame area, which is very similar to the air knife of a performance car and has a certain decorative effect. The front shovel position retains a small-sized radiator, the interior uses a vertical grille, and the middle position is the ACC probe. Some models are equipped with the L2 automatic assisted driving function.

The design of the rear part of the car is also rich, the roof adopts a double spoiler design, the sports atmosphere is relatively strong, the through-type taillights are more eye-catching, the internal details are more colorful, and have a certain degree of recognition, but the brand LOGO is not like other car companies choose to make it. The light-emitting style may be due to cost considerations. The lower surround is a large plastic trim panel, which can play a certain anti-scratch effect, but the style is somewhat ordinary, and I personally feel that it does not match the overall design of the rear of the car. The length of the body is only 4287mm, which is between the BYD Dolphin and the GAC AION Y. It is similar to the Volkswagen ID.3. The body height is 1516mm, which is lower than the Volkswagen ID.3 and is more visually sporty.

Entering the car, the new car adheres to the common simple style of electric vehicles. The 7-inch full LCD instrument is matched with a 10.25-inch central control touch screen. Although it is not dominant in size, the display effect is not bad. The physical buttons are worthy of praise. The design of the central passage area is a highlight. The floating island design reduces the oppressive feeling brought by the encircling cockpit and also forms an open storage space. The knob-type electronic gear shift is located on the floating island, and there is a small storage compartment in front. Some models are equipped with wireless charging, and the design is more user-friendly.

From the front body size parameters, it can also be expected that the riding space of this car will not be too large. The wheelbase of 2705mm allows the position of the rear seats to be relatively back, and the leg space is not very restrictive, but for taller people For tall passengers, headroom is a bit stretched. The trunk space is good, the opening and depth are relatively large, the rear seats can be folded down proportionally, and it can also handle large luggage. This car adopts a rear-mounted motor layout. In order to ensure the trunk space, the spare tire is canceled, and only the tire repair tool is retained. It is necessary to pay attention to long-distance field driving.

The new car has three power configurations, namely 125kW and 150kW rear-drive versions, and a front and rear dual-motor four-wheel drive version with a total power of 315kW. The top-equipped four-wheel drive version has an acceleration time of 3.8 seconds to zero, and its performance is still relatively good. . The pure electric cruising range corresponding to the three kinds of power is 425km, 520km, and 460km (CLTC working condition), which can basically meet the daily commuting needs, and all support the fast charging function. The front suspension of the new car is a common McPherson structure, but the rear suspension adopts a five-link independent suspension that is rare at the same level, which is conducive to improving the followability of the rear of the car, thereby improving the handling performance. Focusing on handling is a highlight of this new car..

BYD Dolphin (Guide price: 102,800-130,800 RMB)

Volkswagen ID.3 (Guide price: 14.9888-185,288 RMB)

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