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The Regeneration of an Established British “Gentleman”——MG

The Regeneration of an Established British “Gentleman”——MG

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The Regeneration of an Established British “Gentleman”——MG

MG, a century-old car brand, appeared in people's field of vision with a brand-new model.

 In 2022, MG Motors has achieved global annual sales exceeding 660,000 vehicles.

In 2023, MG Motor sales will remain unstoppable.

As a very popular compact SUV owned by MG, MG ZS has also achieved good results. MG ZS has two versions: ZS and ZS EV.

MG ZS power comes from a 1.5L 120hp/150Nm engine mated to the 5MT/4AT, or an optional 1.0T 125hp/170Nm 3-cylinder engine mated to the 6AT or 6DCT. A 150-horsepower 1.5T engine will arrive later. 

MG ZS EV, the best choice for city travel, provides customers with different driving mileage options.

No more worrying about charging, fast charging takes only 42 minutes from 10% to 80%.

If your choice is MG ZS/EV, MOTEC will be the best choice as a “housekeeper” for your car. As a company with 15 years of experience in auto parts export, we have our brand and packaging.

As a professional auto parts wholesaler, we offer 12-month quality warranty. And we have 600+ cooperative factories in China that can provide you with all parts for MG ZS.

On this basis, we also provide customers a with parts catalogue,bringing you a different shopping experience. Please find our blow MG Parts Direct for your reference, and you are welcome to visit our page for MG Parts.

MG ZS Parts Direct:



Integrity is the first principle of our company and MOTEC Team. We constantly improve our services and are committed to providing customers with satisfactory services.

If you are undecided, dont hesitate to get in touch with us through the methods below.

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Maybe your try this time will make you choose us firmly.


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