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The Maxus EUNIQ 7 is hydrogenated for three minutes and has a range of 605km

The Maxus EUNIQ 7 is hydrogenated for three minutes and has a range of 605km

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The Maxus EUNIQ 7 is hydrogenated for three minutes and has a range of 605km

with the development of the market niche has emerged in many different positioning of the car, especially the new energy field, not only has a "traditional" number three, plug-in hybrid, hybrid and electric, and the rise in recent years some of the increased electric and carrying light car, though they do not count in the traditional sense is a new energy vehicles, But you can save energy more or less. To remove these we known, the market there is a new way of energy, called hydrogen fuel cells, and today's leading role saic chase MAXUS EUNIQ 7 | inquiry (parameters) was carrying a MPV hydrogen fuel cells, and is the world's first hydrogen fuel cell MPV. According to the official introduction, the hydrogen-fueled MPV can have a driving range of 605km after only three minutes of hydrogenation. Is it really a new way out in the field of new energy? The appearance of this MAXUS EUNIQ 7 is really impeccable. Although its overall shape is still the family MPV style, there are many designs on its appearance that can show its special identity. The front side of the car is a large horizontal chrome-plated medium net, and inside the medium net, there is a blue chrome-plated bar, although it does not indicate that this is a hydrogen battery car, but can prove that this car is unusual. There's nothing special about the sides. If anything, it's probably the irregular hub, which echoes the blackening of the B, C and D pillars. On the tail side, a chrome strip connects the LED taillights on both sides, making the whole heavy tail look not heavy, but a fashionable feeling. The coating on the MAXUS EUNIQ 7 is just for display. If it is a new car, it will not have such a trendy coating design. The interior design of the MAXUS EUNIQ 7 is dull and clunky, but for an MPV, it's not about the interior, it's about the back. Saic MAXUS EUNIQ 7 has a suspension design and a knob-type electronic gear bar design, which is relatively new. Like most MPVS, the MAXUS EUNIQ 7 has a 2+2+3 seven-seat layout, but for this type of MPV, the third row is not the focus, but the second row is the real core. As we expected, the MAXUS EUNIQ 7 has two separate seats in the second row, and is equipped with leg support design. The overall comfort and movable space are very good.

The MAXUS EUNIQ 7 is equipped with a 130kW fuel cell and a 70Mpa hydrogen storage system. It is equipped with three tanks under the chassis to store hydrogen fuel. At this time, many people will certainly ask whether there will be spontaneous combustion and self-explosion at high temperature. To that end, the company has also taken into account the fact that the new car's hydrogen cylinder is made of space-grade carbon fiber fully wound, can withstand 842 degrees Celsius, and has undergone rigorous road and weather tests to reach a total mileage of one million kilometers. But for that to understand we can only have a degree, far less than trust, after all, even tesla, byd, xiao peng brands such as spontaneous combustion problem, also has appeared when they released the new car, also said that experienced a severe test, but still appear the phenomenon of this type, although it is very rare, but still can not be ignored, after all, life safety is the priority.

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