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Spare Parts Number of BYD HAN EV Car

Spare Parts Number of BYD HAN EV Car

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Spare Parts Number of BYD HAN EV Car

Car size: 4980*1910*1495mm.
Endurance: 605km.
Power: 163KW.
Maximum speed (km/h): 185.
Battery type: lithium iron phosphate battery.

MotorTec Auto Parts is BYD spare parts supplier in China. We are committed to providing customers one-stop parts solution on BYD's full range of parts, including suspension parts, chassis parts, and body parts...

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The following sheet is part of the catalog of the code for BYD HAN EV Car.

HC-3501501 HCEA-2905100 HCE-2803112 HC-6201019/77 STF-2810020 HC-4133020A HC-8202100
HC-3502140 HCEA-2915200 HC-6101010/77 HC-5604010A/77 ST-2904300A HC-4133020A HC-8202109
SEH-2906100 HC-5205300 HC-6101019/77 HCE-8403010/77 HCE-2203010 HCEF-4135100 HC-5402810
HCE-2904010 HCE-2803111A/97 HC-6201010/77 HCE-8403019/77 HCE-2203020 HCEF-4135200 HC-5402820

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