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SAIC MAXUS sold 81,012 units in the first half against the trend

SAIC MAXUS sold 81,012 units in the first half against the trend

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SAIC MAXUS sold 81,012 units in the first half against the trend

Recently, along with the resurgence of consumer demand around the world, SAIC DATONG MAXUS global orders continued to climb, and delivered results in the half-yearly exam of the car company: 16,679 units were sold in June, with positive year-on-year growth, which helped the brand's total global sales exceed 81,000 units in the first half of the year. Among them, many overseas developed markets achieved breakthroughs, and the wholesale sales in Australia, New Zealand, and South America both exceeded 10,000 units, while the wholesale sales in the Middle East increased by more than 300% year-on-year. At the same time, SAIC DATONG MAXUS global map has been refreshed again, and has spread to 73 countries and regions overseas so far, not only becoming "the first choice of Chinese cars in developed countries around the world", but also presenting a "golden card of Chinese intellectual manufacturing" to the world.

The counter-trend growth in the first half of the year is attributed to SAIC DATONG MAXUS continuously bringing new products, increasing the number of intelligent new energy tracks, and exploring new incremental markets at home and abroad. In the first half of this year, SAIC DATONG MAXUS listed a number of unique and explosive models including G90, 2022 T70 Australia Edition, Traveller RV LIFE Camping Edition, D90 Pro Amazon Edition, SAIC Bull-Magic King, the first pickup caravan explorer T90 Vertical, etc., providing multiple options for global users, so that every user can find the optimal solution matching their own. At the same time, SAIC DATONG MAXUS also recently released a new energy brand sequence "MIFA" led by MIFA 9, which is aimed at the global high-end new energy market.

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