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The front part of the car is equipped with a large polygonal center mesh, surrounded and decorated with silver trim plates. The horizontal trim plate design extends the horizontal visual effect of the front face to a certain extent, giving the whole front part a stable and atmospheric aura. The angular headlights on both sides are closely connected with the center mesh to enhance the overall design of the front, but the lights are only matched with halogen light sources, while the LED daytime running lights and automatic headlights are also required as options, and the actual lighting effect is general.
The car dimensions, the specific length, width, and height of the model were 5180 × 2062 × 2365 mm, wheelbase of 3000 mm. the side of the car provides blue and purple paint, the overall design style is relatively fancy, and the side parts of the car match the awning, coupled with a series of print decoration, can instantly create an open cafe for the family shelter from the wind and rain.
The rear of the SAIC MAXUS V90 Camping Edition is square-shaped, with the tailgate in a folio design, matching the multifunctional rear bumper at the bottom, while retaining the external power supply and electrical integrated socket, which can be more convenient for daily use. The new tail light cluster is vertically designed, and the overall design remains independent. The internal light modules are arranged more closely and look quite exquisite.
Our company includes a variety of a MAXUS models parts,
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Minvan: EV30Pickup: T60/T70/T90
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