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SAIC MAXUS MIFA hydrogen is officially online

SAIC MAXUS MIFA hydrogen is officially online

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SAIC MAXUS MIFA hydrogen is officially online

It is reported that MIFA hydrogen uses 130kW battery stack and 70Mpa hydrogen storage system, matched with high-performance three-in-one bridge, and it only takes 3 to 5 minutes to fill up the 6.4kg high-pressure hydrogen bottle, with a range of 605km and a hydrogen consumption of only 1.18kg per 100km, which translates into a cost of only 40 cents  RMB per kilometer of use.

In terms of appearance, the MIFA hydrogen continues the SAIC DATONG family design, and the horizontal chrome grille makes the front of the car look very dominant. As for the configuration, as a large high-end business MPV, it adopts a 7-seat layout, and the second row is also equipped with automatically adjustable seats with leg rests, which can provide reclining and other riding positions, and is also equipped with a comfortable configuration such as an electric panoramic sunroof.

Our company includes a variety of MAXUS models parts.


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Minvan: EV30Pickup: T60/T70/T90

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