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Why choose the OE quality radiator for GEELY

From the perspective of the radiator market, the OE quality radiator for GEELY has obvious advantages in the market due to its outstanding anti-corrosion performance, wide applicability, good heat-to-price ratio, high-value retention rate, and beautiful appearance. The market prospect of the radiator for GEELY is also very broad. With the continuous development and popularization of automobile radiator, it will play a greater role in the development of the industry.

What problems should be paid attention to when cleaning the original quality radiator for BYD

When cleaning the original quality radiator for BYD, try not to wash it directly with water. As a heat-dissipating component, the material of the car heat sink is soft. When it is directly washed with water, it is easy to be damaged or deformed, especially the impact force of the high-pressure water gun, and it is difficult to completely clean it by direct washing with water.

How does a brand cars radiator work

The brand cars radiator are generally divided into two types: water-cooled and air-cooled. As the name implies, air cooling achieves heat dissipation through the flow of cold air. Air-cooled coolers generally have a dense fin structure in the outer casing. These fins can increase the heat dissipation area of the brand cars radiator and help heat conduction to keep the engine temperature low level to meet the cooling needs of the engine.

How to maintain the radiator for MAXUS in daily life

In daily use, the water level in the radiator should be checked at any time, and water should be added after the machine is stopped to cool down. When adding water, slowly open the water tank cover, and the operator's body should be kept away from the water inlet of the radiator for MAXUS as much as possible to prevent burns caused by the water outlet of the high-pressure steam oil.
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