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Quickly understand the release of MG black label

Quickly understand the release of MG black label

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Quickly understand the release of MG black label

On August 17, the MG Black Label was officially unveiled, including two things: one is the release of the MG Black Label; the other is the release of the first model of the MG Black Label, MG7 (parameters | inquiry).

Several Problems of MG Black Label Release

① What is MG Black Label?

It can be understood as a sub-sequence of high-end models of MG. Product performance is stronger, product quality is better, product price is more...

② What is the meaning of the MG black label?

The MG brand must break through the existing ceiling - product upgrade, and differentiation from the existing silver label - continue to be younger and more high-end. Try to get rid of the cost constraints, and be more extreme in terms of performance, design, texture, etc.

③ What is the difference in the service system of MG Black Label?

Dedicated sales channels: Select the stores whose image, team, service, and concept have reached the standard from MG's current channels, and give special authorization. It is estimated that by September, 227 dealers will obtain the black label authorization;

Exclusive service: There will be exclusive black-label experience consultants to provide exclusive services for customers;

Exclusive benefits: The exact content is uncertain, but there will be.

Summary: MG sub-series products have more beautiful designs, more extreme performance, more luxurious configurations, better service, and higher prices.

A preview of the MG7 (released, unreleased)

① Positioning of MG7?

The mid-size sports coupe is roughly the same target group as the former Mazda 6, Sibo Rui, the current Regal GS, FAW-Volkswagen CC, and other models that are positioned for sports.

② Several highlights of the MG7 exterior design:

Emerald body color - whether the niche green can lead the trend;

The nose shape of the swooping down - carries the movement to the end;

The fastback shape that goes straight to the rear of the car - sacrificing space in the back row and luggage compartment, MG is bold this time;

The source of inspiration refers to the hunting pupil headlights of the cheetah eyes - a very cool headlight shape;

Three-stage active electric rear wing - a configuration that makes people's blood vessels can only be enjoyed on Porsche.

To sum up, the overall design of MG7 is wide open and closed. In order to carry out the exercise to the end, there is not much preference for common needs such as home and space. It must have a high rate of return on the road, but the consumer group is definitely It is a niche, reflecting MG's uncompromising definition of this product.

③ Several highlights of the MG7 interior cockpit:

33-inch integrated ultra-wide floating screen;

The X-Mode racing mode has built-in real data and lap rankings of many famous tracks;

Special-shaped start button, handle, and cup holder;

The one-piece racing seat is made of Dinamica and Silk Nappa leather, the former only used in supercars such as Ferrari.

④ Several highlights of MG7 power:

The peak power of the 2.0T engine reaches 192kW, the peak torque is 405N m, and the acceleration time from 0 to 100km/h is 6.5s. The acceleration performance exceeds that of FAW-Volkswagen CC, Regal GS, and Audi A7;

Equipped with a 9AT transmission, currently, only some high-end models such as Mercedes-Benz and GM have transmissions with 9 or more speeds.

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