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Precautions for replacing the clutch kit

Precautions for replacing the clutch kit

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Precautions for replacing the clutch kit

When replacing the clutch kit normally, you need to replace three parts, the pressure plate, the friction plate, and the release bearing. These are also called the clutch three-piece set. When replacing, you need to pay attention to the following three aspects.
1. When disassembling and assembling the clutch three-piece set, do not use a dry brush to clean it to prevent dust.
2. Use special tools to replace the clutch kit to prevent the clutch plate from falling off. When installing, use a special tool or the transmission input shaft to align the driven plate with the guide bearing of the transmission shaft.
3. There is no need to add extra lubricating oil when replacing the clutch kit. If extra lubricating oil is added, it may leave oil stains on the clutch disc, causing the clutch to slip.clutch kit4. When replacing the clutch three-piece set, first disassemble the casing and remove the drive shaft. Next, remove the gearbox. Remove the clutch pressure plate and driven plate from the flywheel, and carefully inspect the crankshaft guide bearing.
5. The installation order of the clutch kit is just the opposite of the disassembly order. Pay attention to the direction of the clutch plate to ensure that the release bearing is in the front flywheel housing of the transmission. First, remove the return spring, then remove the release bearing and install new bearings and springs.
6. After the clutch kit is all installed, you can wipe the sprayer, and finally adjust the clutch clearance.

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Note that when replacing the clutch kit, not all three sets need to be replaced, as long as the other parts are in good condition, they can be temporarily replaced. However, it should be noted that it is very cumbersome to disassemble and replace the gearbox, and the cost is also a bit high. Therefore, if conditions permit, all three-piece sets can be replaced at one time.


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