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NEW ARRIVAL Maxus G10 Spare Parts Solution

NEW ARRIVAL Maxus G10 Spare Parts Solution

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NEW ARRIVAL Maxus G10 Spare Parts Solution

NEW ARRIVAL Maxus G10 Spare Parts Solution


Maxus G10 was launched in March 2014, from SAIC Maxus ( which carries 1.9T, 2.0T (20L4E engine), and 2.4 (4G69S4N) engines.

MotorTec released its Maxus G10 spare parts solution for original quality and replacement. Maxus G10's range covers diesel engine parts, gasoline engine parts, body parts, filters (air filter, a/c filter, oil filter, fuel filter), stamping parts, lamps, brake pads, steering system parts, chassis parts, suspension parts, and etc. 

Below are some references, welcome customers to contact us for Maxus G10 parts. 


1106013221 C00036166 C00021414 C00017419 C00026934 C00063826 C00025067-4100 C00019350-4100
DXB-DT-G102.0 C00027004 C00021415 10005569 C00022567 10164816 C00162675-4100 C00037057
ZS-DT-G102.0 C00027011 C00038568 C00017005 C00016659 10061430 C00162676-4100 C00037058
10105963 C00042587 30026626 C00045170 C00027317 C00065474 C00037625-4100 C00056865-4100
C00027056 C00036427 30040676 10752038 C00056655 10168962 C00083719  
C00016761 C00066343/44 C00066343 10056085 C00056656 C00036428 C00037630-4100  
C00017469 C00027298 C00066344 C00020675 C00071602 C00071562 C00083720  
C00016762 30027950 C00102446 C00018016 C00056480 C00056663 C00040029-4100  
C00017471 C00017092 C00037059 C00018026 C00070693-4100 C00056664 C00040030-4100  
C00037060 C00016587 C00017418 C00018259 C00074198 COO198902 C00041474  

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