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Maxus clutch disc needs to use what attention

Maxus clutch disc needs to use what attention

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Maxus clutch disc needs to use what attention

 Maxus clutch disc and driven wheel and the pressure between the inner and outer pressure disc are not enough, so the clutch disc can not be pressed tightly and cause slippage, if the gap adjustment is not good, we must check whether the surface of the middle-pressure disc and into the push disc is flat, whether there is damage, generally their contact surface should reach 80% or more, to make the two clutch discs contact normal, there will be no slippage when running, otherwise, we must consider replacing the middle-pressure disc or into the disc and other parts, to avoid burning and other parts deformation and damage. Otherwise, we must consider replacing the middle-pressure disc or the inlet disc and other parts to avoid the clutch disc burning and other parts' deformation damage.

Incorrect assembly may also cause the clutch disc to have a contact surface of less than 80% when it is connected to other parts. This will also cause the clutch disc to be worn out or broken. Therefore, it is required to carefully check the flatness of each part during assembly and to observe whether it is concentric during test operation, so as not to cause wear to the middle-pressure disc and inner gear ring.

When the clutch inner ring is severely damaged, the clutch disc will be inconsistent, tight, and loose, the offset angle is too large so that the clutch disc does not work well with the clutch disc, easy to slip and burn the clutch disc and other parts, in this case, the inner ring should be replaced in time.

Maxus clutch disc must not be covered with grease, sludge, etc. When assembling the clutch disc, it must be checked and cleared, otherwise, it will cause the clutch to slip and affect the working efficiency.

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