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Maxus car vacuum booster drum function

Maxus car vacuum booster drum function

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Maxus car vacuum booster drum function

A vacuum (negative pressure) is used to increase the force applied to the pedal by the driver. A large force drum is also known as a vacuum booster. The vacuum booster is usually located between the brake pedal and the brake master cylinder, and for ease of installation, is usually combined with the master cylinder in one assembly, with a portion of the master cylinder deep inside the vacuum booster housing.

The Maxus Car brake drum, also known as the vacuum booster pump, is located in the engine compartment. When the driver presses the brake pedal, the vacuum booster pump can amplify the driver's force on the brake pedal, which can be understood as the vacuum booster pump helping the driver to press the brake together.

The Maxus Car brake booster pump works as follows.
The Maxus Car brake booster pump uses the principle that air is sucked in when the engine is working, causing a vacuum on one side of the booster, creating a pressure difference relative to the normal air pressure on the other side, and using this pressure difference to strengthen the braking thrust. Even if there is only a small pressure difference between the two sides of the diaphragm, due to the large area of the diaphragm, it can still generate a large thrust to push the diaphragm to the end of the pressure is small.
Maxus Car is in the working state, and the push rod return spring makes the brake pedal in the initial position, at this time, the vacuum tube and the vacuum booster connection position of the check valve are in the open state, in the booster internal, the diaphragm will be divided into vacuum gas chamber and application gas chamber, these two chambers can be connected with each other, in most of the time both are isolated from the outside world, though there are two valve device can realize the gas chamber and Atmosphere connected.

Maxus Car when the engine is running, depress the brake pedal, under the action of the push rod, the valve of the vacuum is closed, at the same time, the air valve at the other end of the push rod is opened, after the air enters (the reason for the gasping sound produced by depressing the brake pedal) will cause an imbalance of air pressure in the chamber, under the action of negative pressure, the diaphragm is pulled toward the brake master cylinder end, which in turn drives the push rod of the brake master cylinder, which realizes the function of further amplifying the leg force.


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