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Maxus T90 Modified RV

Maxus T90 Modified RV

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Maxus T90 Modified RV

MAXUS T90 RV with a full-rise roof has a tough and handsome appearance, and the vehicle height is only 2.22m, which is suitable for most basements and can freely shuttle on urban roads. After the roof is raised, the interior space is more open.

The vehicle size is 5995*2050 (2130)*2220mm, the wheelbase is 3470mm, and the body length is less than 6m. The maximum total mass of the vehicle is 3490kg.

Chase T90 National VI full-lift roof car is equipped with a 2.0T twin-turbocharged engine, matched with an 8AT automatic manual transmission, with a maximum power of 160kW and a peak torque of 500N m, with stronger power, better ride comfort, and noise control. The front of the suspension system adopts double-wishbone spiral independent suspension, and the rear adopts leaf spring non-independent suspension.

The entire vehicle adopts a forehead full-lift roof design. After the expansion, the interior height of the vehicle is 1900mm, and tall people will not feel cramped when entering the vehicle. The overall height of 2.20 meters can easily pass through the elevated within 3 meters and the height limit pole, and it is equipped with a one-button lifting roof system, which allows car owners to use it easily.

The side of the car is rich in equipment, and the outside of the car is equipped with 3m awnings, hidden steps for getting on the car, a diesel stove, a special water inlet for RV, outdoor LED lighting, and other infrastructure to meet daily living needs.

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