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Maxus G10 Car Parts Lists

Maxus G10 Car Parts Lists

Maxus G10 Car Parts Lists

MotorTec Auto Parts is MAXUS spare parts supplier in China. We are committed to providing customers one-stop parts solution on MAXUS's full range of parts, including engine parts(cylinder head, crankshaft, camshaft, engine valve, connecting rod, oil pan/oil sump, engine piston, engine piston ring, valve chamber cover, intake manifold, exhaust manifold, water pump, oil pump, turbocharger, crankshaft pulley, flywheel...), suspension parts(shock absorber, engine mounting, coil spring, bushing, control arms, ball joint...), chassis parts, brake pads, clutch kits, belts, filters, fuel pump, spark, ignition coil, timing kit, sensors, cables, radiators, wheel hub, bearing, lamps, fender, door, engine hood, lock, door handle, power steering rack, power steering gear, power steering pump, turbocharger, hoses, ECU, bumpers...

Including:G10, G20, G50, T60, T70, T90, V80, V90, D10, D60, EUNIQ 5, EUNIQ 6, EUNIQ 7, EV30, EV90, D90 Pro, V80 NEV,  G20 Limo, MIFA 9, RG10, EG10, T90 NEV,  V80 Limo, V90 Limo, V100...

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C00074198 10048110 C00026934 10164816 C00037625-4100 C00042587 10168923 C00140552
C00036427 10048121 C00063177 C00065474 C00037630-4100 C00017629 C00017641 C00140551
10168706 10048115 C00016659 C00095252 C00040029-4100 C00026625 C00017005 C00228359
10105963 10048119 C00056655 C00071562 C00040030-4100 C00026788 10048111 C00126306
C00036166 10048124 C00056656 C00036428 C00041474 C00018109 C00043876 C00367229
C00027004 10048112 C00071602 C00056663 C00019350-4100 C00017611 C00026640 C00021252
C00027011 10048126 C00056480 C00056664 C00037057 C00017746 10168909 C00050631
C00066343/44 10048116 C00070693-4100 COO198902 C00037058 C00017745 C00038456 10061940
C00027298 C00018016 30040676 C00025067-4100 C00056865-4100 C00070692-4100 C00017763  
10048120 C00018026 C00063826 C00162675-4100 C00037059 C00027215 C00027056  
10048113 C00018259 10061430 C00162676-4100 C00037060 C00027225 10048393  

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