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From the appearance point of view, the new MG6 Pro does have the taste of giving full play to the running characteristics of a performance-class car. Its front face is equipped with a larger air intake grille, and the interior is decorated with blackened dots and rectangles; it can not only sublimate its combat sense but also bring some exquisite attributes. Although its lower dam has smaller air intakes, the two-stage layout combined with flat-panel headlights also makes it look more aggressive. On the side of the body, the new car will still have a smooth, straight waistline and a slip-back layout; in addition to the window frames, rearview mirror caps, and blade hubs, it really has a stronger performance level charm.

In terms of power, the whole series is equipped with a 1.5T turbocharged engine, the maximum horsepower is 181 horsepower, and the peak torque is 285 Nm. Then, the whole series is equipped with a 7-speed wet dual-clutch gearbox, which is dynamic and responsive when driving. Sex is good.

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