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MG Motor's new MG ZS EV model in Europe

MG Motor's new MG ZS EV model in Europe

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MG Motor's new MG ZS EV model in Europe

The new model is a product that builds on the success of the existing ZS EV, the marque's best-selling all-electric model, and a regular feature in the UK's top 10 best-selling electric cars. The facelifted MG ZS EV will be even better, featuring a more modern design, improved performance, longer range, and more applications of new technology.

Among the most important changes are the introduction of a new 72kWh capacity battery pack that significantly increases range, as well as the new smart connectivity system that brings the most advanced infotainment system to the new model. (In China, this system is known as Zebra Smart).

In terms of exterior trim styling, the new MG ZS EV gains an electric vehicle signature closed grille with a stamped effect, a change made to improve aerodynamics and bring in a new side-opening charging port. The boldly designed new face is set off by LED headlights and distinctive daytime running lights for a very contemporary look, and it also gets a redesigned rear bumper and new wheel styles.

The new MG ZS EV will initially be available with a choice of two battery configurations, the new ZS EV - SE and Trophy versions. 72 kWh long-range battery will provide a range of 273 miles (439km) compared to 163 miles (262km) for the existing model (based on WLTP measurements). A battery pack with a capacity of 51kWh and a WLTP service range of 198 miles (319km) is also reportedly coming next year.
The MGCC ZS EV adds the ability to easily view the charging status on the four-stage LED indicator within the charging port. The onboard AC charger provides up to 7kW of charging power and DC fast charging power of up to 76kW (depending on weather conditions). This means the long-range battery can be fully charged in 10.5 hours with a slow AC charge or in about one hour with a fast DC charge, a significant increase in charging rate.
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