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The family design of MG HS has more of that explosive and sporty atmosphere. The length, width, and height of MG HS are 4574*1876*1685mm respectively, and the wheelbase of 2720mm is very eye-catching in its class. And the perfect accents of silver chrome and gray anti-collision strips look very classy. Unlike traditional candle lights and xenon lights, MGHS utilizes full LED headlights.

When you enter the car, the driving view is good and can be described as open. One-piece sports seats, wrapped in place, different from the previous performance cars driven are moderately soft and hard. Almost all-around leather wrapping inside the car, very soft and delicate, many competing models with more hard plastic parts also use plastic-lined material, I can only say two words generous. A car wants to create a certain aura, and can not only consider a single element, but the material, shape, and color scheme should be very thorough.

The fully LCD instrument panel has four styles to choose from, which also correspond to four different driving modes. Nowadays, the suspended center screen has become the mainstream choice for many models, with the Zebra Smart 3.0 system being more functional and smooth, almost getting rid of the phone and giving users a more than convenient experience.

Another aspect that MGHS focuses on this time is quietness, through the excellent NVH and the use of many sound insulation materials, with the perfect combination of technology and materials with the body. The maximum degree of wind noise and road noise are isolated outside the window, even if the speed is up, the cabin can remain quiet.

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